Are you one?

'its honestly damn pissing when people ignore you even though they are there. Its also damn pissing when people keep on looking at one another and need to see how. Its also damn pissing when people keep on talking about unrelated things endlessly when you are trying to settle something once and for all that only require...s 5 mins. Finally its damn pissing when after all that, they ask 'whats wrong with you can relax?''

'Effeciency. DO NOT make me do 5 mins of work over 2 days. Or make me rush last minute work. If you are lazy, you have a herd mentality, you are a sheep, if you really cant decide, then be a slave and listen to me order you around. If not, wake up. The world doesnt revolve around you, the world doesnt have time to wait ...for you to be slow. For your own sake, you dont want to be left behind. Wake up.'

'Theres slow down, take it easy, relax, and then theres being useless. Theres wait and see, and then theres pushing responsibility. Theres patience, and then theres wasting precious time. When ever you think you are doing something, make sure you arent doing the other. For your own sake, make your choice, the weak will perish. Rejected. Destroyed.'

Perhaps one might say I am wrong to come on so strongly. Well heres the thing. I prize efficiency above many other things. To me, if you arent efficient, you arent anything. I dont want to waste my time which can be better spent elsewhere on you.

Do I have too high expectations of others? Perhaps, I concede on that. Not everyone is the same as me. It just sucks to be disappointed in people whom you hold in high regard, people whom you trust.

Perhaps someone will slam me for being 'judgmental'. If being judgmental means telling you the facts and whats wrong with you and what you should do before you screw yourself up then yea im being judgmental. But that means anyone who tells me theres something wrong is being judgmental huh.

Go and reflect. All you people out there. If you're fine, then I dont care anymore.


Sigh im not pissed now, im just sianned. Its tiring you know, to give so much of yourself but people dont care.