YAYYYYY...or not

This is the moment where on one hand I go YAYYY NOSTALGIA. DWM WHOOHOOO and on the other hand I go, shit, I havnt done anything in my planned schedule for the week.

I guess I'll have to shelf plans for portal if I am going to play DWM rawr. Heh for those who understand, I reached battlerex already. I just dled it at like 6pm lol.

I wonder who else played DWM as a kid. I know a few people who did but not many. It never got quite as popular as things like pokemon, but hey it was a great game. The only annoying thing in the past was that Terry walked dammmmnnnnnnn slow. Well thats fixed with the spacebar which accelerate the game to 5000%. Terry teleports now.

Holidays. Hmm. Such a strange period of time. Where you cant decide if you should be resting and relaxing or studying hard for the upcoming papers.