Tech trends

We live in really exciting times. The upcoming tech trends will really change the world over the next five to ten years. I mean, we heard that say many times before and we all know technology is constantly improving at a crazy pace...but I really feel like we are entering into a new era.

The thing is, I'm not talking about improving on current things but completely new breakthroughs. The movement from megabytes to gigabytes, improving graphics and all that are great but not groundbreaking. Even things like wireless charging or super fast charging while interesting and different, they are in essence simply making charging more convenient and efficient.

The things I'm excited about are the things that will completely revolutionise the way we live in next decade:
- Virtual reality
- Chat bots
- Internet of Things
- 3D printing

There are a whole lot of other crazy things too (eg. self-driving cars) but these are the ones I'm most excited about. Then there's the bunch of more expensive stuff which will revolutionise other fields such as healthcare and so on, but I'm most interested in the four above as they have a direct impact on the way we live.

Can you imagine a world where the four things above are considered the norm in society?

That's crazy, but that's very real. It's coming, and it will change the very way we live. I don't just mean in terms of technology when I say that. It won't simply be the same old life + new cool gadgets and increased convenience. I'm suggesting that the presence of technologies like these will shape culture and society that we cannot begin to fully imagine what life will be like.

And to be honest, while that excites me, it kind of makes me a little afraid of what the future will hold too.