As this year comes to a close

Ah this year has been fun.

I've been rather busy the past few days and I spent 9 hours yesterday in in orchard road.

If you were there you would be sure to notice the orchard road was closed from paragon to ck tang. And you would probably be thinking why. Ok yesterday was Christmas, and the last day of CCIS (Celebrate Christmas in Singapore), an evangelical outreach initiative launched by the various Christian organisations in Singapore.

And it so happens that our pastor is the Vice-Chairman of the organisation committee. So we were required to send volunteers to move the barricades and help in whatever other way we could.

Not exactly very fun, with long hours and no incentives, but it is motivational to see how Christianity can be freely evangelised in public places, like orchard road. Though the operational costs are like 7 figures, I think it is worth it, because money, along with the other forms of riches in this world, are perishable, but the treasures you gain in heaven are eternal.

Looking back at one of ReZ's posts, I have to agree that anyone who talks to you about religion and of Christianity is concerned for you. Would there be anyone crazy enough to talk to you about something he or she thinks can help you if he didn't care for you, even though we cannot see God with our bare eyes?

You might be thinking: Why can't you nosey Christians just keep to yourselves, and let us all live our own lives? Christians are called Christians because the people in Jesus' time saw the works of the apostles of Christ, and they found it similar to the works Jesus performed. Thus they called these men Christians, or 'little Christ'. If we are to call ourselves Christians, we must perform works, if not we're not fit to call ourselves Christians.

'You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.' - Matthew 5:14
'Let you light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.' - Matthew 5:16
'And you will be hated by all for My name's sake.' - Luke 21:17

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Just as that city, we as Christians cannot hide our faith. We will be hated for it, I will be hated for it. But I'm prepared. Admit it, there is something different in us Christians.

Anyone who is interested about our faith can ask me through MSN, in school, or by giving me a call.

But after I'm back from Thailand on the 30th. With God's grace, we're going to snatch some souls from hell.


Heres something to add on.

Harold Kushner: What is the difference between a person who relies only on himself and a person who has learned to turn to God for help? It's not that one will do bad things while the other will do good things. The self-reliant atheist may be a fine, upstanding person. The difference is the atheist is like a bush growing in the desert. If he has only himself to rely on, when he exhausts his internal resources he runs the risk of running dry and withering. But the man or woman who turns to God is like a tree planted by a stream. What they share with the world is replenished from a source beyond themselves, so they never run dry.