Yup im finally gonna make my shanghai post.

Because this post will be long and long post are often shunned, i will split this post up into 5 parts each for each day so just ctrl f "Day 1/2/3/4/5". This way you all can read the first day, sian le stop reading, tmr come again and read the next part etc.

Day 1

Woke up at like 5am coz the plane leaves quite early. Took taxi to airport as usual and its like super ex coz somehow its still considered midnight and hav to pay midnight charges?

Met Teetus and co (ok that means Titus and his family) at the airport. Titus and his mom are going to Shanghai wif us while the dad and sis stay back i
n SG. (btw, Titus' parents = my parents' super long time fren.) Lol Titus is also an imba crap talker, i think better actually.

Took SQ 5 hrs flight and it was like SOOOO much better than tiger airways -.-. Played some games on the system like megaman and watched this movie called daddy day camp. Its a rather hilarious show actually.

Titus slept almost the entire way and he said later that he didnt find any movies worth watching AND HE DIDNT KNOW THERE WERE GAMES -.-.

Arrived at the airport, did passport blah blah blah we all know those.

And then there Titus' parents have ANOTHER long tim
e fren (oooh this gets complex doesnt it), a Singaporean who moved to Shanghai.

The weather there is like... wooooow. Perma aircon but BETTER. It may be cold but the Imba ReZ has super pyro heating powers (read: thermal wear).

So anyway we're gonna stay 2 nights at her house and another 2
at the hotel.

It takes darn long to get from one place to another in Sh
anghai. Like just to go shopping you travel half and hour to 1 hr. Thats "not so far" btw.

Oh and that fren is considered rich in Shanghai terms. The house is like WTP imba super nice and stuff but if you convert it to SGD$ its about the price of a classic HDB flat. Shanghai people just dont earn much you see.

Thats why vegetable paos go at 3 for SGD$0.20 =).

Had steamboat dinner wif *breathes in* my parent's long time fren's long time fren's frens' family. Yeaup. Interesting. The food type in Shanghai is very uniqu
e and can NOT be found in SG. Its not bad (and like for a steamboat dinner for 10, its DARN CHEAP)

Shopped at a shopping mall after that though only a lil. More cheap stuff =).

Went back to the house after that and use the tablet a lil. No internet so couldnt go online =(. Slept after that not wif aircon but wif heater =).

Here are some photos. Sry they are limited didnt think to take pics of the house WITHOUT ppl in it. Oops. Oh well make do wif it.
This one is of the area outside the house. I am standing at the balcony area thingy. See the river has dried up and so has the fountain.

And this would be of an average street in Shanghai where cars dont wait for you. You wait for them =).

Day 2

Went out for brunch. Coz it was raining eariler, o
utside its cold and its darn cool when you talk and theres cold air coming out of your mouth. Sort of like those you see on TV shows =).

Went to have brunch at some random coffee shop like place. HUGE portion of noodles for like SGD$2? And that is one of the most ex stuff you can get there. There are noodles and rice going at like SGD$1 etc...

The shopping spree for the women begins here and i was like bored like siao they were shopping for clothes all day at different places. Supposed to go looking for souvenirs but no chance. I guess
I COULD have bought souvenirs but i dont see the point in being souvernirs for the sake of buying if they are gonna get chucked into drawers or something. Nope if it get something it shld be something
that is worth keeping.

After 6 hrs of shopping spree (excluding travel time which would bring it up to 7 and a 1/2. I finished all the songs on my mp3.), had dinner at some imba restaurant. Very high class i havnt even seen a better restaurant in SG. Quite a number of unique food again. And it costs SGD$80. For all 7 people. Its like WTP? I bet if you eat these stuff in SG it would be like SGD$500?

Which once again brings up the point. If you think you're po
or, you gotta see some people in Shanghai (which is not exactly a poor country).

Went back and watched i-robot on dvd while teaching titus how to play dota. He was making alot of cracks about the gay dwarven and the time he was using zeus wif his frens. Titus is the kind that can joke wif both adults and teens. Always funny =).

Day 3


Woke at when my bro and titus were still sleeping and was told that since those 2 are still sleeping and coz its raining (kinda lame reasoning but heck), the 3 of us shld stay in the house while the adults went to get breakfast. I watched matrix reloaded and didnt understand alot of things coz i nvr watched the first 2 but heck good enough =). Bro also played dota for awhile.

Ate brunch at the house den took the car to the hotel. It was a bumpy and long 1 hr ride to nanjing road area and both my bro and my dad got headache.
Rested and slacked around in the hotel. Its quite a nice place for less than SGD$100/night (though lebua and venetian totally owns it. I think theres a documentry on national geographic about venetian entitled Vegas comes to Asia or something like that.) Cant use the internet there coz it costs RMB$1/min which would be SGD$24/hr. Ouch.

The adults went to explore nanjing area while the 3 of us stayed in the room since my bro was still sleeping. My mom says hes sick and shldnt wake him up let him rest. He was totally fine when he woke up 30mins later -.-. Titus played dota again and was laughing at the gay dwarven sniper again. Assassinating the ai is always hilarious.

Oh heres an ss of a freefrag game between my zeus and the ai techie.
It was so darn easy that i came up wif an interesting item build for zues. Anyone who wants the full replay can get it from me.

Ahh how interesting.

Oh and theres this interesting sp
inning top toy. Its really innovative but honestly i dont think anyone will get fascinated at it beyond 5 mins so no point getting it as a souvenir. Its now in the hand of Javier and Joel. Expect to see it destroyed in one week. So yup at day 3 still no more souvernirs.


Day 4


Day 4 would have to be the most interesting day. As such i shall let the pics (and a video) do most of the talking.

This place looks like a temple but its not its really a shopping place. Has really interesting stuff and yes, i got ALL the souvernirs here =). Hope ya all like it. Wheeee. (I couldnt get anything related to pigs for shahdan including that interesting magical pig thingy so i got him a gigantic pencil =). Lol.) Lol and titus and I were doing many super lame things there. We had "magic tricks". Really really REALLY lame ones. We also had this "airplane girl trading card game" coz there were ppl all over the places giving aways theres cards that tell you to take this airplane blah blah blah. They all had a picture of a plane, and at least one air stewardess there etc etc. (We threw away the few that didnt fullfill the criteria =)). Since the cards have rows of numbers on them for their number to call and one of them happens to be HP (for handphone), we made it their HP (health points =)). The other row became mana. Then we changed it bit by bit and after while we were like:




There are far too many things to talk about. As such i shall not talk about the aquarium, the uber cool nanjing road at night (which had this building that tells you the temperature there is 11 degrees o.o)

The Shanghai equivalent of Singapore river area =). Anyone who watches fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer, during the fight when the Doomy guy gets the surfboard (that would sound SOO weird to ppl who have no idea what its about), you can see this area in the background.

This would the THE tower (that was a cover up for forgetting what the real name was. I think its pearl?)

The best part for the day is this "bund sightseeing tunnel". Its darn cool. You can cross the river in two ways, 1) by boat which is SGD$0.20 per person, super cheap, or for tourist, 2) the tunnel. You take this train across this tunnel in the river itself and they have some nice stuff around. Lights and stuff. Heres the video.

*video taking extremly long to upload and i gtg. Will upload another time.*

Its unclear on video you cant see the darker shades of lights like purple and red, just the brighter ones like white but trust me if you go Shanghai, take it.


Day 5


That would be Christmas eve. Took Singapore airlines from airport at 1+.

The Krisworld (for non-singapore airline takers, that would be the in flight entertainment system.) for this plane seems to be better than the other. Though theres no megaman, there are ALOT more games and ALOT more videos and ALOT more audios. Yeaup. Watched this really stupid, retarded and lame celebrity satire thing, this episode is about Britney spears. It can get really crude but if you know whats going on you can find some parts hilarious.

I didnt play much of the games but Titus was playing alot of pokemon lol. Theres pokemon gold silver and yellow there and he was using his fire pokemon in silver (cyndiquill isit?) all the way until past the first badge and more b4 he quit playing (he stopped at the slowpoke well area). Then he rested, then he played yellow -.-. He didnt play much of it though. Most of the time was on silver.

Also watched abit of shoot em up and I now pronouce you chuck and larry. 2nd one was DAMN FUNNY and VERY GAY. Shld hav been NC16 but i tink its coz of the gay content. Shoot em up is extremly gory, very ahem at points but if you watch the movie for heads flying off wif blood spurting out or for the necrophil part, then your sick in your mind. The plot is kinda bad but its interesting to see how one guy outwits the other guy and the action (though they can do without the gory scences thank you.) Shoot em up is like oh i dunno, the dude in time crisis 4 who doesnt seem to die and can take on thousands of baddies? Yea. The staircase part was darn nice. There were like 100 ppl there? Unstoppable but of course impossible. ("Are we too shit or is that guy just TOO DAMN GOOD?")

Finally touched down on SG and then blah blah blah.

The end


That would conclude the Shanghai post. Whee. Bye.