yes933 top 10

yea so yesterday on the radio there was this top 10 event thingy for mandopop for 2007.

I cant find the list online so i can only recall by memory

top group was S.H.E. Mayday was 2nd. Fir 6th i tink. Fei Lun Hai was also somewhere in the top 10 but i forgot where. S.H.E was first coz they had an ARSENAL of songs that were mark as favorite and the points keep stacking lol.

top female singer was sun yan zi. Dun remember the rest oops.

top male singer was jay chou (didnt expect anything else -.-) and surprise surprise JJ lin got 2nd even though hes not that popular in SG. His 3 pushing songs were xi jie, sha shou and zi you bu bian.

Top 10 songs erm sun yan zi's wo huai nian le was first for some weird reason. nvr liked that song. tank's zhuan shu tian shi 2nd and like just by this ONE song alone, he pushed all the way up to 8th in the top 10 male singers. Bu neng shuo de mi mi was somewhere in there too... S.H.E songs were definitely there, but i dun recall any of JJ's songs in there =(. Coz i tink his 3 songs all the points quite equal so none exceptional. Sadded.

Yeaup. Bye.