Dead and Dying

This place needs some life. Ok maybe we'll have some after the common tests. The workload now is crazy and I'm dying from lack of sleep.

Anyway as I've said before, I'll just put up my last 3 resolutions.

Day 8
God will not be number one in my life; He’ll be the only one in my life.

Day 9
I will set aside time each day to spend with the Lord.

Day 10
I will be a light for the Lord.

Ok since I'm running low on time as always, I'll be brief.

The first one is in response to all those people out there who resolve to let god take first place in their lives. Basically what my resolution is supposed to mean is that every else doesn't matter, so we should let God be in every aspect of our life.

The second one is because I'm getting more and more busy lately, but I resolve to always find time to spend reading God Word and growing spiritually. Just as we need food to grow physically and books to grow mentally, we need God's Word to grow and mature spiritually.

The last one is in relation to my cell group. Our 'new' name is 'Lightstix', as we want to be light-sticks for God. Super deep meaning, but I'll summarise it a little. As all light-sticks have to be broken, it symbolises that we have to be broken and disciplined by God before we're ready. Just as a light-stick shines so brightly after it is broken, we must shine brightly for God. Just as the light-sticks fade after a few hours, it symbolises the short life that we have on the Earth.

Ok that's about it. OEP wasn't too bad, at least in comparison to the others I guess. I heard Bali water was cloudy white on one day and yellow-orange on another. What I like about this trip was that we could just waste time enjoying the nature around us, God's wonderful creations. I enjoyed the company as well, sorry to those who had to bear with my singing for that performance. Food wasn't too bad, but I got gastric flu quickly after we reached Singapore. I wrote a poem. Read at your own discretion:

- - - - -

We’ll be back at another date

On the road to paradise
Falling to sleep’s entice
Fresh air enters through my nose
Saigon’s pollution comes to a close

Arriving at Ngoc Lan hotel
Ringing on our neighbour’s bell
Giant rooms, twin-sized beds
Shiny, polished showerheads

After Saigon we were all thinner
Dalat brought a scrumptious dinner
Returning to the posh hotel
We went to shop for stuff to sell

Back to our room late at night
Sleeping till the day was bright
Trekking up Lang Biang hill
Moving in for the kill

Enjoying free horse rides
Taking in the wondrous sights
Basking in the winter breeze
Let us stay longer please

Heading to the valley of love
Reminded of our Father above
Standing too close to the water’s edge
Jeremiah’s file has no dry page

A night spent around a fire
Any earmuffs up for hire?
Tribal music fills our ears
The sheer volume moves us to tears

We wake up the next morning
The truth on us is quickly dawning
Our last day here will quickly end
Before we’re back to the Saigon trend

The pretty City Flower Garden
The weather change was just too sudden
A task has been assigned to us
To write a poem with two stanzas

We leave the fragrant aroma
For the nearby Ponguar
The sound of splashing water
Reminds us we are mortal

Striking a pose on a bridge of wood
Cable car rides seem quite good
A one-way trip for eight-thousand Dong
Too bad the queue’s just too long

Buying animal horns at the shop
The wooden flute is the greatest flop
Leaving through the wooden gate
We’ll be back at another date

- - - - -

This summarises everything that happened from Day 3-5 of our trip when we were in Dalat. Our teacher wanted us to write 2 stanzas of 4 lines each, but I sort of overdid it. Post comments in CBox, thanks.

I'll write more about our experiences in Vietnam if I have the time and intention. Anyway, have a blessed year, everyone.