Going Chiang Mai

Ok its OEP for us all now so we're gonna fly off to Chiang mai tmr and yea. Was sick the past 2 days so didnt post and stuff and was supposed to do a couple of stuff but yea.

Lazy to upload finger of death and fire in the hole. So after chiang mai den upload =). Its 100% original TRCT productions (also known as the Imba People, if you cant figure out who gave that name...)

Yea i expect to see my cbox flooded wif people who miss me and are excited to see new stuff on TRCT =).

Yea and like, dont expect fal and quezzy to post either. Ones and vietnam and the other at bali.

Which brings us the point.

Bali got bali bombers
Vietnam got land mine
China got lead food
Thailand got riot.

We're all gonna die.

Which banes promptly replied that its not true coz there will be *ahem* bribes *cough cough*. I wonder who...? =)

Ok have alot of other stuff to settle b4 going off so bye =).