Lol =)

Yay hi

Its me


I just came to say


Coz im bored

(and the prefects dun let me play o2...errr...nvm =))

Say hi CPL Lam


He doesnt have time

Hes writing his will

Anyway 40 mins early recess is good for queing up for oyako donburi for half an hour.

And sec 1s get weirder every year

Last year's was bad

This year's was worse (DONT INSULT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT *slams table*)

Haizz (*everyone in canteen turns and looks*)

Oh well (*shat why did my tablet have to be right beside, zao*

Aiya the best batch of year 1s were still those from two years ago *cough*

They are like so good lar *ahem*

Nowadays kids harr... *splutter*

Yea and CPL Lam is paranoid that hes gonna die.

Not that its wrong to be paranoid.

I mean...he DOES sit beside me.

And i have sharp pencils =).

So CPL Lam...about the will... who does it go to?

*Brandishes pencil*

*gulp* I havem't finished the last paragraph yet! I haven't even started!

Lets hope it goes to a certain register number 29 in class 3.11 ok?

*disturbing scene of Quezzy and Reno (Mike) leaning over on my table with disturbing...nvm...*

Ok time to go for fps bye.