Campcraft Comp

Quezzy you should post more.


Ok so today was campcraft comp.

We had like 10 hours in total of training for this competition.

We went there and rushed off to a good start.

Then wadayaknow.

They gave us very little twine.


So yea basically our shelter had no support and the gadget sucked. Btw shelter without support = super super super super super suck.

At least the flag pole is up. Mark raised the flag at 9:58, 2 seconds b4 times up lol.

Yea after awhile when the judges went to inspect the shelter and they touched it a little it collapsed LOL.

So yea.

The teachers in charge were like covering their faces with theirs hands and one of them was furiously sending mms to the sec 4s coz now they have to rework their entire design due to lack of twine.

Hmm its 7 now.

I wonder if the sec 4s screwed up too lol.

I think we got negative points bleh.

On the bright side, the pitch next to us had their flag entangled, gadget could not transform and used up ALL their twine and had none left for the shelter so you dont even see the shelter for them.

And NP(sea) had NO TRAINING at all so they dont know how to pitch anything up =).

Yea so we arent last. Thats the good part.


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