Infect my com with virus la. Put ur virus inside my thumbdrive and den now i use my tb kena virus la. Fine la.

The war with the virus is raging on now...


Quote during POD period:

Kenneth: Ok hes not coming today but he left this dvd here, "History of God", and we are supposed to watch it. Please keep quiet I dont care if you all play Dota la but...
Classic Dota Players: *throws both hands up in the air* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Jaira: *takes out prefect book and holds it up in the air* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Oh and Charles and Wen Kai are so funny when it comes to WoW. Lol all of you shld have seen Wen Kai and Charles and their Alliance VS Horde thing.

Me: You know this doesnt make me want to play WoW. It doesnt seem anything special.
Wen Kai: Well thats because thats ALLIANCE. The noob ALLIANCE.

Charles: Ha you died see Alliance is better.
Wen Kai: What? I cant hear you charles. Some Alliance guy shitted into my ear.

Lol and Wen Kai kept screwing up Charles' game by pressing enter den when wk was playing his and he went to pick up a phone call, charles made wk fly up into the sky and drop him down.

Wen Kai: OMG WTF CHARLES **** YOU CHARLES **** YOU *spams some button but it says on cooldown or something LOL*

Everyone was laughing like mad that Wen Kai hit the floor and died =).

It was so freaking funny.


Battle with the virus is still on... will update...