Centrestage was funny though we screwed up. Oh Well.



Yea basically i got hit by a COMBO. Yes viruses can do that WOW. Viruses should go play dota since they hero combo so well.

So basically

NSAnti + kavo.exe + who the hell knows what.

Luckily these are all low threat viruses though i dunno wad is still hiding.

NSAnti is a trojan made to HIDE other viruses. Damn. Thats why the other viruses cannot be found. kavo.exe steals online game passwords. All of them i nvr heard b4 cept maplestory which i dun hav =). So kavo.exe is useless.

There was this lengend thingy virus that appeared for awhile but i forgot wad is it called and now i dunno what it does either. Oh well.

But while the virus combos, i can combo better.

AVG + Spybot + Hijack this + Internet forums + Norton website + Regedit

Want to fight?

See who die first

Sadly this combo is late game and it takes DAMN long...

oh well just gotta wait.



Legendmir is a trojan that steals the password to the game legend of mir 2.

whatever the guy attacking me is, hes a com no lifer -.-.

I DO NOT HAVE ANY ONLINE GAMES ON MY TABLET STOP THROWING VIRUSES TO STEAL THEM IN MY TABLET (and my home com or any other com for that matter but yea...)

and theres this rungbu virus too.

Ben Soh you suck.

The stupid viruses all have threat level very low but they are EXTREMLY irritating.