Prologue of some book


The man walks, and then stops at the entrance of the school. A boy is standing near the gates, his fingers pinching his ears. When the boy sees the man, he lowers his eyebrows and glares at the man.

The man wants to smile at the boy. He wishes to be the boy. Just a few days ago, he had been sued by a stranger in a pub. He had punched the stranger in the face when the stranger teased about his weird dressing. The man was sentenced to a year in jail.

The man says nothing. If only he is the boy. Then he can do anything that he likes without a tingle of worry. The school and law will protect the underage.

The boy wants to smile at the man. He wishes to be the man. A few hours ago, the boy had punched a friend in the nose. The friend’s nose bleed and the boy were asked to stand near the gates for two hours as punishment.

The boy frowns. If only he is the man. Then he can do anything he likes without any teacher’s intervention.

The man walks off, shaking his head. Freedom comes with a price, he thinks.

The boy bows his head. He will do anything for freedom.