Ok ATC starts tmr. Lets hope i come back in one piece lol.

Thnx to all the ppl who sent me well wishes although i think there were like twice the number of ppl who would randomly walk up to me i sch and say "hey happy birthday" and i would be like "yea yea sure thanks *did bynes just tell the whole sch?*" Brandon's greeting was weird and Kirby's was... the famous one.

"Happy birthday...midget."

Holla that was an insult to me but i couldnt help it but find it funny lol. Hey we all need a sense of humor. It really depends on HOW someone insults you. If its really fun fun one i dont mind its the ones that you pick off someone thats bad. Point 11 is rigged with those. Why do you think im always in point 10.

I had alot of reflections to make but i guess i found 21st kinda disappointing but its alright. I will make those one day if i feel like it. Haha and last year i was thinking "huh whats with those ambiguous random reflections?"

Ahh whatever time to go off. Lalalalala. Bye bye. Leave a msg in the cbox =).