Eh see la i was right ppl post only during exam periods -.-. I go ATC come back still liddat.

K la so ATC got alot of damn funny things but as usual it wont be funny when you read it rather than see it coz alot of it has to do with expression la so i cant be borthered. And i wont go blah blah blah about ATC either so go yay =).

However, some interesting must say things about this ATC.


Hmm is there anything else?

I think not.


Hey come on you gotta understand the horrors of the ubin water last year.

Oh yea and we almost got top group but eee the group 3 win by abit only la. Best camper came from our group though. Lol Mark and I are main guys behind him so yea. Its called leadership qualities yippee.

Campfire the fireball flying down was damn cool.

Wah lao Keane Teo pon ATC

So yea. Our group was more close than the others to a certain extent i guess so yea. The BEST CAMPER (I enjoy calling him that) has a list of all the ppl in our group's email and number so yea. Wait till he adds me and then gimme the list then i add the rest. Yay new contact group ATC2008 yay.


I guess I COULD go experiment around with some stuff to see how things work out and blah blah blah...