I wasnt sure i wanted this day to come.

But yea it had to so i decided to do stuff to make things not happen.

And damn i got blindslided again, and no not by anything human. It always happenes these few days/weeks huh...

Meh i was pretty positive all about it yesterday.

Nvm. Lets then channel whats left of my positive energy here.


Yay tmr is me bdae!!! Wheee.


Yea thats about it. Inspiration gone i kinda had some long stuff to post but i find it out of point right now. See first bah lalalalalala.


On a completely random side note, if all else fails i can always just go JEC by myself and play Daytona, DDR and Time Crisis. Its not that bad you know. And i could watch speed racer by myself too since ppl dont talk much in movies anyway.