Looky new stuff in the blog. Ok for those who havent realised the obvious, the entire music thing has been revamped into a playlist for all to enjoy. Thus far, there are 11 songs in it:

1) Planetshakers - Majesty
2) Hillsong United - Still
3) Hillsong United - Mighty to Save
4) Casting Crowns - Who Am I
5) Hillsong United - Solution
6) Hillsong United - Solution (Acoustic)
7) Hillsong United - Evermore
8) Hillsong United - For All You've Done
9) Hillsong United - One Way
10) Genesis (Destiny Impact Band) - Impactor's Anthem
11) Genesis (Destiny Impact Band) - Impactor's Anthem (Acoustic)

Yes note the hillsong spammage. Fal will add more songs to the list if he feels like it so expect this list to expand and some of those old songs that you may like come back.

And if you havnt realised thats not the only thing that has changed. Scroll around and look at the part below the penguin above the contributors. Yes its what i finally decided to place in lol. Links. Yea. Everyone say "finally". Ok but its quite primitive at this stage i will probably expand the list when i feel like it but yes right now its just the basics. And yes Quezzy and Fal you both have my permission to expand the list. And its not limited to blogs as you can see DI site is there.

Yeaup thats about it. Enjoy ;).

P.S. And i just pushed the bdae post out o.o.