Another day of exams

Update: A pretty nice song to inspire everyone!! Its in the playlist now.

What is this love given to us
That saved my life through selfless sacrifice
Although we fail the cross prevails
Forgiveness stands
You take me back again

You've shown me life
You've opened my eyes
So I give you my praise
Yeah I give you my all
You've shown me life
You've opened my eyes
To the truth that there's no greater love

Now in the darkness God's light shines
Christ forever glorified
So come on come on sing out to God
Now with all we've got
We live for you our God

Salvation's strong in Christ alone
The Saviour King alone in victory
I step aside five you my life
For you to move
Do what you want to do

I can't imagine life without you without you
Cause it's all for you
Yeah it's all for you, God


Maybe im slow but i just realised that exams end on the 7th and not the 8th. Unless you happen to be a Joel Teo then thats a different story.

Anyway i know everyone keeps saying today's langarts was easy and stuff but IM SORRY I CANT DO LANGARTS. Ok but i agree its easier than norm. How i judge langarts is okish, abit hard, hard, very hard and impossible. So yea. We had abit hard today xD.

And maths is like -.-. PLEASE CUT DOWN THE NUMBER OF QUESTIONS. Gosh i know im slow in math but dont have to give us do 9 long questions in 90 mins right. 10 mins a qn. Need time to THINK and need time to WRITE you know. Haizz. Another 30 marks fly away from C Maths 2. Total marks fly away 60+/160. This just pulls down my average like crazy. The annoying thing is that its not i cannot do -.-. Meh.

And we havn't had a math yet. Say bye bye 80+ average for A math we going down by at least 20!!

Gahh. Physics tmr. (Ok now Gah sounds like something charles would say. My writing style is starting to adapt from everyone o.o). I srsly (thats something charles would say too!!) dont want to screw up. Meh. I really really REALLY hope they give an easy physics paper tmr. My average is like 51 so i need 49 to pass, which is not comforting since all i need to do is score a little below my average and im screwed. And final year has so much more topics. Meh.

So yup. Those were the 2 papers for today. I refuse to go crazy over the exams.


(And gigantic bold words in different colours would be siming's style? I read blogs too much darn im starting to type like everyone... oh well)