The day the blogs went wild

Its almost 12 midnight now. A new day soon. And i have to declare something.

Today must be the blog madness day.

I mean HELLO. siming one dunnid say la but then even mine, charles and BRANDON's (which is always like uber dead) the cboxes were FILLED. 27 sept goes all the way to the OLDER MESSAGES sections. Haha siming one is everyone there. The other 3 of us is like we keep going each other's blog and spam have our own convos there xD.

Anyway this is like my whatt? How many posts today? I must have spent more time on blogger and blogspot today than anything else. Brandon's blog also keep having like few lines new post lol. Quite funny.

And i spammed MSN just moments ago which was funny too. One night total of like 9 convos not bad. But some were quite short. Like Joon Kiat's. Pop up ask whos good with comps. I said Joel Teo. Full stop. End. Dont care counted xD.

Fun fun fun.

Oh well. Fal thanks for Malgudi notes phew. Took forever and now i finally have notes. Physics erm. All the best to mugging tmr yay!!

Always remember 27th sept as the day the blogs were pure win xD.

Exam madness. Quite funny the psychology behind it.