Exam stress gets ppl really cranky. Gosh.

Anyway im here to declare that I HAVE PWNED PHYISCS WAHHAHAHAHA.

You know physics is like not just any exam. In the whole examination period, physics is THE exam. The king of all exams. 3 hours of doom.

You hear some ppl who dunno what to do for math, chem, bio but physics is just THE ONE.

After all the entire yr 3 cohort got wiped in the first 2 terms by physics, mass failing throughout the level.

And today, there was JOY!!

Haha you hear ppl going "thats one less con camp candidate!!"

"two less!!"

"no la 100 less."

So WAHHAHAHA. Physics wheeeee.

Now someone tell me why they are letting us off for sciences but killing us in math o.o.