The number of posts i have in the past 48 hours is stunning. Oh well.

Just here to say remember i said once i survive past friday im going to die again coz of physics?


I can't do the practice paper!! (again.)

Eh but i dont care i declare this practice paper seems very weird. And why no answer key one!! Maybe soft copy hav i dunno must go check.

But anyway the first qn is already like wtp to me already. Suicidal cats.

Funny thing about physics is that i dont know what i dont know. For chem at least i knew more or less is which parts. Physics is really o.o. A bundle of blurness.

Oh well.

I cant even figure out how to ask ppl lol as in i know all the formulas and stuff but well i just cant do rawr. Ok actually it seemed like i can do but i keep getting weird weird stuff.

Rawr gotta check it.

Ok SHORT POST again.



Ooh im back!! And within 2 mins!! Erm so anyway if anyone has malgudi notes PLEASE send to me or teach me. And as for physics errr. I dunno leh. Abit funny lor. But i scared i fail rawr. But i've been scared to fail every single paper so far. But then again one must not be too overconfident. Ahh what am i talking.