Genting Trip


Warning: Fear it. The longest post EVER in the history of TRCT. Take your time. You dont have to go through it all in one shot. Its not even done lol! Apologies for wordiness but i separated it to make it look nicer le!! Not much pics to post you may find a few but uhm yea. Very lil. Hokkaido i promise will take alot more pics and the posts will be split up coz got internet ^^.

Before going to the offical post, song sharing time!!


City Harvest Church - Come Holy Spirit. Song in the playlist.

Come holy spirit fall on me now
I need your anointing
Come in your power
I love you holy spirit
You're captivating my soul
And every day i grow to love you more

I'm reaching for your heart
You hold my life in your hand
Drawing me closer to you
I feel your power renew
Nothing compares to this place
Where i can see you face to face
I worship you in spirit and in truth


And also a super retarded POKEMON SPOOF!! Srsly pokemon spoof sounds stupid but take a look at it.


Alright to make things easier im gonna split this post up nicely and even include a contents!! Ok that just made this post sound scarier right? Heh. And coz of the funny formatting i have to use the html thingy the what underline and strike through which i suck horribly at. And the colour coding. Oh well. Appreciate my effort by leaving a tag yea? My cbox too dead le so TAGGGG!! ^^


Table of Contents

I) The People
II) Day One
III) Day Two
IV) Day Three
V) Day Four
VI) End


Section I: The People


Not much is known about these mysterious group of people who call themselves the 'elders' but nevertheless they are the foundation to this whole trip so they deserve a space here.

Name: Uncle Hee
Description: The guy who was my boss' boss for 2 weeks during the IBA period lol. What can I say.
Special Ability: Champ of the trip. Grants authority himself.
Most Similar To: I dont know! My Dad? LOL. Eh after all you should see them at work going 'eh BRUDDER!!'

Name: Auntie Hee
Description: The wife of the guy who was my boss' boss for 2 weeks during the IBA period lol. What can I say.
Special Ability: Unknown.
Most Similar To: My mom? Err wait this is just getting dumb lol. Doesnt make sense. Ignore.

Name: Uncle Hee (The other one)
Description: The brother of the guy who was my boss' boss for 2 weeks during the IBA period lol. Also the guy who owns the car repair shop thingy that during one of the days during IBA my dad brought the car there for fixing and we had lunch nearby.
Special Ability: Unknown
Most Similar To: It would go with the flow if i say my uncle right now but no thats not going to happen. Ok Honestly i have NO idea.

Name: Err.... Grandma Hee?
Description: No not using the cliche line again. The elders of the elders.
Special Ability: Unknown.
Most Similar To: As much as i hate to get into all that cliche thing, my grandma -.-. BUT WAITTT. I refer to my grandma on the mother's side ahha so its different.

Kids Youth

The letter 'J' had always been a rare letter for words to begin with. However apparently because of that many parents decided to name their child starting with a letter 'J' to make their child name unique. As a result, starting a name with a 'J' is no longer unique and in 21107 the most common name starting alphabet was 'J'. My cousins are called Javier and Joel. Then here we have, epic win family of 'J's. My hp officially has an obscenely long list of 'J's. Going by family followed by age.

Name: Justin Hee
Description: The noisy one. This coming from the guy who often is told to shut up coz hes too loud / talks too much. Justin Hee may well be the first person i have seen to be able to defeat my mom's machine gun equipped mouth. Justin Hee prolly uses a high powered rapid fire scattershot and hits random targets. Has a tendency to boast but at heart is a nice guy. I think. Haha jkjk.
Special Ability: Scattershot mouth.
Most Similar To: Justin SIM? Lol ok prolly not Justin Sim is obnoxious -.-.

Name: Jolene Hee
Description: The self proclaimed da jie jie. Ok you cant deny that as a fact but STILL. Commonly seen with the other gal. Haha ok la a nice person la must shuo ji ju hao hua.
Special Ability: Pretense of authority. Da jie jie veri big ar. Ok actually quite big. Also has second special ability. When together with other gal, form an indomitable duo, an unstoppable force of out talking people. Can only be defeated by throwing them in the middle of the ACSian community.
Most Similar To: What if i say my mom LOL. Ok nonono social style more like Chua i suppose? Outtalking potential is high but not as high for me to start linking to some ACSians. Save that for later.

Name: Jeremy Hee (Ok i think i should just stop putting surnames.)
Description: Theres an extreme irony in this dude. He calls himself cool boy, he spikes his hair, COMPLETELY DOESNT look his age, (damn hes like almost my height and hes p6? Not just height too other things as well. Looks at least sec 2ish.) BUT BUT BUT, he picks his nose, farts, and burps. Together with Justin Hee, they form the true Justin Sim. The nice guy part just copy and paste for everyone la must talk about the more unique points. Leader of the gang of 3 dudes and the small boy of the gang of 2 gals and one dude. More irony wow.
Special Ability: Gas cannon, stink bomb, flying dirt of utter devastation.
Most Similar To: The other side of Justin Sim for the bad parts and somewhat like Charles for the gd parts? Am i flaming Justin Sim alot lol?

Name: Jabez (Thats a damn cool name btw)
Description: Small boy. P2 lol. And hes like omigosh i look at him HES GOT POTENTIAL!! Dont doubt my yan guang ok. This small kid has a bright future. Not talking about the bowling thing which will be elaborated on later in the post. Its the feel mon. You go with the feel. Anyway hes cute (not in a gay nor a pedo way) and its rare to see a p2 kid who doesnt try hard to act really cool and throw pathetic swear words though he did once say son of a BEACH (that was how we explained what it meant anyway xD). And he did it with that cheeky smile on that face.
Special Ability: Uhm... Small boy power? Happiness Aura? (has no effect on Justin)
Most Similar To: I dont know that many small kids you know. Cant give an answer. Now im starting to wonder why the heck did i put this section in.

Ok on to the other Hee family.

Name: Joeyong
Description: What can i say. Probably the single most person who made the most impressions lol. I mean hello for one we're born on the SAME YEAR SAME MONTH SAME DAY and possible pwning the Chan Siming Lim Charles Nicholas 9 hrs 2 mins gap since apparently we're both born in the MORNING, i think hen you yuen fen lol. And we still have no idea whos older coz parents cant rmb lol. But of course that thing we only found out LATER. Other impressions will be put at the other parts of this post lol. This is just supposed to be a summary.
Special Ability: Drama Queen. And its a pretty epic ability. Not to forget arguing skills which when combined with the other gal blah blah blah i said that already right?
Most Similar To: Ervin? Really some things about her are really like the female replica of Ervin. Like Ervin has set the record for being the most imba arguing guy i have ever seen and he could prolly fake a cry too xD. Of course when i put most similar to section the MOST is actually not alot coz other than those few things i think the two of them are still quite different. Oh well.

Name: Jing Yang
Description: The sec 1 that doesnt look sec 1ish. Apparently wanted to go to NP but kena sent to BB lol. Dont know much about him coz we only really started to talk like this morning heh.
Special Ability: Unknown
Most Similar To: Jing Shen? LOL. I dunno.

Name: Jing Shen
Description: Similar to Jing Yang i suppose. Also similar in the sense i dont know much about him. Though he squeezed 1/3 the bus ride with me back to SG rawr.
Special Ability: Unknown
Most Similar To: Jing Yang? Ok uhh no judgement.

So yeaup. A pic taken on the coach while we are already back on Singapore territory lol.

Top: Justin
Mid Row: Jing Yang, Jolene, Jing Shen, Some retard, Some imba guy
Bot Row: Jabez, Jeremy, Joeyong


Section II: Day One

The Taxi Driver

Started off the day by waking up early then calling a cab then going to take a cab. Surprise surprise. We got an ang mo taxi driver. Now you dont see these around all the time huh. Anyway this taxi ride is getting a special mention coz this American taxi dude rocks xD. I think throughout the ride his max speed was 130kmh and his average was around 120kmh? Hes more cheong then Yue Seng. So yea prolly coz it was like 6 in the morning so was chionging along the expressway which had veri lil cars. Darn when he does those turns around the Central area you move with the car. Bet if he stepped lightly on the brakes before turning we would be drifting xD. So its pretty cool theres a thrill of speed and its the best we're gonna get to a roller coaster along the roads of Singapore lol. Sad but once we got off the expressway the speed drops to about 80-100 so yea. Finally reached the MRT station where we were supposed to meet and the American dude was like "20.40 only", "yes boss" and "have a pleasant trip!!". Haha now you dont see taxi drivers like that around alot do you? What fun.

The Bus Ride 1 + Movie Marathon 1

I'm sure many ppl have been to Genting before and its like 7 hours bus ride or something all the way there from SG lol. So ya once we have met up with the rest of the peeps we boarded the bus. My bro wanted to solo a seat and so i took a 2 seater wif my mom. At that point we pretty much dont know the rest of the ppl so yeaup. Emo in the seat FTW!! K la not really just sit there and stone lol.

So the bus was this 2 story suepr coach and the chair has a massage lol!! Sure the massage sucks but hey its still massage chairs on a bus. Comes with a bus stewardess too. Not to mention the TV sets. Next thing you know we'll be served lunch and dinner which we can have a choice of chicken or fish. And we will have games on board.

So yup. Since theres nothing else to do, movie marathon time. Watched the same channel on the bus for like the entire trip (im surprised my eyes arent popping out). First show was xiao hai bu ben 2 which i watched like 2 times b4 lol. So ya. Funny + sad show sometimes you wonder how is that possible especially when it can change in a couple of seconds. Haha the dad and the son trying both trying to convince the police they stole the thing so sad so touching then go ask the old lady damn funny sia.

Second show was this Andy Lau show called
童梦奇缘. Ok i didnt know what it was called then but i just wikied it heh. Its a damn cool show bout this rebellious boy who lives with his dad and stepmom. He blames his stepmom for the death of his mom and wants to become an adult for some reasons. So yar he met this weird old man who had a potion to make him grow faster so yeaup you know what happens next he takes it, becomes an adult and stuff. Up to that point you might be wondering what the heck is this show. Admittedly the starting part does look quite stupid too but once you get past this, brace yourselves. You're about to get whacked upside down left right by plot twists and secrets revealed that can totally flip the situation round and round. This show delivers alot of messages that stay true to the lives of people nowadays and the question it throws are worth pondering about. So go watch the show ^^.

Which reminds me. There IS one show which can own this show in plot twists and conspiracies. And its 篮球火. Srsly starts off as a show about a crazy guy who wants to play bball and then you kena thrown with conspiracies and secrets left right updown north south east west inside outside centre. Ep 7 start a tiny bit. Then after ep 10 you kena whack like crazy.

Btw i havnt watched that far. But my bro sits beside me when using the comp heh... oh well i pretty much spoiled my entire show.

Back to topic. Third show didnt get to watch finish and watched before twice anyway but it was Initial D lol. Haiya 5 consecutive hairpins. So erm yea nothing much to comment on this lol cept maybe darn why didnt that taxi driver drive like that xD.

Yarup. Bus ride end.

Rest of the day

Erm nothing much happen i suppose. Eating, stoning, check in, arcading, all the non interesting stuff yea. As in non interesting to post about. Still dont communciate with the Hee family yet so dinner also our own table lol. So yar nothing much happens. Justin did start talking to us lol but not as much YET. Only second day then release full scattershot power. So rest of the day is pretty stone though i suppose its good enough lol. Hey its my first non boring Msia bus ride okay.


Section III: Day Two

Bowling 1 + Pool + Arcading

Cant rmb where we went from breakfast lol. Well bowling was pretty much our icebreakers. Lol i was going crazy and high with all that nonsense. Ok i admit i failz at bowling lol so i was really screwing around. Like how my Dad and my bro get top scores and im their 'coach'. I think thats when my bro and i started talking to Jolene as well so that makes 2. So uhm yea. I cant exactly elaborate on bowling can I? All i can think of saying is that i walk forward and bowl the ball and it goes into the gutter.

Yea and i also happened to notice that the 2 gals were wearing the same shirt and this was printed behind: "
Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. - 1 timothy 12." Which is so true lol. Erm the thingy that Zhang Si Er has been saying over and over again haha.

Erm so yea more interesting stuff happened on the second bowling trip i suppose but still this first one was the icebreaker. Anyway after that went pool for awhile coz my dad and bro wanted to. Went with Justin and my mom didnt play so the 4 of us did. The other boys went arcading i think and the gals went shopping and the adults...erm...disappeared? I dont know. So yea. I forgot a huge chunk of what Ben and Mark were teaching the other time lol but still applied those that i COULD rmb and did terribly but good enough. Hey my expectations when it comes to these things are really low ok.

So yup after that went to arcade awhile. Arcading really isnt worth posting about but i must comment on the DDR machine there. It sucks. Its a DDR 2nd mix that they called "cyber dance" -.-. And the thing is so unresponsive that i got k.o.ed at Hero. I nvr fail that song. Its 4 stars. I didnt even get to go paranoia meh.

So yups after that just stoned around until dinner.

Dinner 1

This is gonna be one dinner that im gonna rmb for a looooong time. Basically the icebreakers more or less for every other person left.

Erm so the kids (i keep protesting you know. We aint kids but thats what the 'adults' call us) got one table and the adults got the other. Its like one table 6 ppl other table 9 lawl. So they decided to go one round introducing their names which i promptly forgot (whatt, i have bad memory). Yea so everything was normal and we had dinner and stuff, chatting accross the table etc, but mostly the 2 gals keep talking to each other, the 3 boys keep talking to each other, justin me bro and i keep talking to each other so what happens? Poor Jabez feels left out. As a mere p2 kid he starts to cry. Aww so sad.

Then miss joeyong decided to attempt to cry too. THAT WAS PLAIN EPIC OK. She started to stare into blank space for awhile, then later closed her eyes and THERE WERE TEARS. Its pro ok!! Yea apparently you have to keep your eyes open dont blink so the tears will well up in the eyes then you shut your eyes and squeeze the tears out. I tried it later but it was fail haha.

Anyway dinner was also the time that i learnt that it is not true that only those crazy ACSians can outtalk me. Dont mess with the gal. Can die one. Especially when got 2 combine, then the words fly out like flying daggers which turn into grenades into midair before exploding in a shower of needles and each needle has poison in them. Does 350 target damage, 150 AOE damage and 20 damage per sec over 10 seconds. Has 0 sec cooldown and 0 manacost.

Ok sorry im talking warcraft to Fal and Justin right now heh.

So erm yea. Many things cannot be put into words lol. But darn i sure wished i snapped that picture of joeyong's fake crying its damn pro haha. Then got act ke lian afterwards also. Future of a star haha.

So that pretty much what happened at dinner.

Ok brb Fal calling me to test map LOL.

Night 1

Map testing done, dinner done, QT done, packing done, oh wow its been 4 hours or so lol. So hi im back its 11.34 pm and i have to wake up early but im such a nice guy i decided to come here and continue typing ^^.

Before dinner Jolene asked us whether we wanted to go over at night to play cards lol. So yea after dinner and a few other stuff which i forgot what already we went over to their room to play cards lol. Basically in our trip we have 3 rooms. First one belongs to me, my bro, my dad and my mom, second and third supposed to be for one Hee family each but then Jolene and Jeremy runs over and camps at the other room so only Justin and Jabez sleep with the parents so yea. The other room is pretty much chaos with ppl lying everywhere all over the floor i suppose. I dont know i left before they sleep lol. Yea so one room, 9 kids, reminds me of sec 2 OEP haha. Now why do i keep using kids. Just sounds nice i dunno lol. Youth sounds funny.

Ok whatever so yea. Played tai di and am quite surprised that no one knows bridge? I tot everyone knows how to play bridge lol. And yea i bridge isnt something that is easy to teach with only 1 person so we didnt play bridge. Haha and obviously spamming tai di over and over again gets boring so i taught them Indian Poker and Cat Chase Mouse. Haha i see how games spread. Gideon learnt from friend, i learnt from him, i teach other ppl and so on and so forth.

Played abit of DJMax also lol. Like my 2nd time touching the game though i long know about it with teck hong furiously spamming 8key every morning in school lol. Coz of my background in o2jam and audi and DDR and stuff i could combo higher lvl songs non stop but the judgement is questionable heh.

So yar we played until like 130am or something before going back to our room lol. Really fun time over there lol much like OEP cept OEP is much shorter since everyone needs to go sleep for the next day wake up early.

Nevertheless amidst the fun something someone said (oh look alliteration!!) reminded me that even as we are away in Msia on a holiday, it doesn't mean we are taking a holiday from spiritual warfare. God, is not only in Singapore. Neither is the Devil. So we must not get caught up in the 'fun' during the holidays and forget about what it truely means to follow God. We are to exhibit Christlikeness wherever we go, not just during school or cell time. It is a lifestyle. Its like just because we arent in Singapore doesnt mean we arent Singaporeans. Similarly, just because we arent in Church doesnt mean we arent Christians.

Not saying we should be stone and act Godly and Holy in front of others. Thats not what Christianity is all about anyway, forcing ourselves to uhm obey people. Its important but accepting Christianity is DOES NOT bind us down, it DOES NOT restrain us and cuts away our freedom. No.

Accepting Christianity does not throw us into a jail cell. It frees us from it.

Alright looks like i have linked from one topic to another and now we're totally off the night time topic but its alright coz thats about all there is to it. Unfortunately i wont be able to complete the Genting post (which is pronounced Gearn-Ting according to Eunice but who cares i like the original pronunciation xD) by today and tmr is freedom fest launch camp le so too bad. I doubt i can use Zhang Si Er's comp at his house lol so Genting post wont be completed so soon. Plus i sure got alot of thing to say about Freedom Fest too so yea. Haha see all my past few posts im such a busy man got so many things to do =). Haha got tasked to do some reflections thingo for tmr which is actually good since it would help me to better remember whatever i learn tmr lol.

So yeaups. Before i go off, from Reader's Digest April 2003:

Ever Wonder?
When someone offers you a penny for your thoughts, and you put in your two cents' worth, what happens to the other cent?

xD. Cya.

Section IV: Day Three

Oh dear its like almost one week ago le and now i cant rmb very clearly all the stuff that happened. Maybe i should just end this post. NOTTTT. How can i end my longest post ever just coz i forgot the details!! Besides its memories worth remebering ^^. I'll try my best while you all try your best to continue reading hehe.

Bowling 2

Uhh... so erm somehow we woke up and went to bowling again. Had uhm nasi lemak for breakfast and i cant rmb anything else.

So yes bowling 2 i didnt crap like i didnt during bowling 1 but some notes to say.



Shush i know thats still pathetic give me a break man.

Oh and if you're thinking o.o this guy go alot of bowling recently haha wait till you see the FF Launch Camp post. NEW RECORD AGAIN FTW!! xD. Haha but lets save that for the FFLC post.

So uhm yea. I know 60 isnt the best so lets quickly change topic yay.

Haha rmb the kid Jabez? Oh of course you do im the one who hasnt been reading my own post. Haha he insisted on bowling coz he didnt want to be left out again. So yea for the first time ever, this p2 kid went bowling!!

He got 50+.

I want to cryyyy...

Oi!! Where got ppl first time play bowling get 50+ one!! Somemore p2 kid!!

So i was saying he should go for more training and represent Singapore for bowling next time!!

Hey who knows he might win a olympic medal.

Is there bowling olympics?

Oh who cares so anyway yea i ALMOST got beaten by a p2 kid who played bowling for the first time (in defence that was the less than 10th time in my life i went bowling... ok that isnt a very good defence right?)

I bet his dad gave him secret training hmph.

Dont remember stuff

Sorry? OH YES!! BEFORE BOWLING THERE WAS ROCK CLIMBING. Haha how can i forget that. So erm yea its those kind of rock wall that we have in school that Charles scales in 30 seconds but thats Charles. Maybe Charles has a rock wall at home. So yea only 3 ppl managed to climb to the top among the 9. (Jabez too young, Justin to heavy LOL i cant believe it when the ppl really said that, Mom dont want, Dad dont want, Ah Ma Hee obviously dont want, Wife of Hee also dont want). So yar the three of us who reached the top were...drum roll... the two uncle Hees and YOURS TRUELY!!

Ok shush about the part i did it before while the rest was first time. Just shush.

Haha i was the last person to go so uhm yea. The two uncle Hees were like one climbing on the left and one on the right then they pose together at the top lol.

So uhm yea thats rock climbing. I know Charles will scale it in 1/3 my time but hey im just uhm... getting my money's worth!! Yea thats it.

So uhm cant rmb rest of it blah blah blah and poof!! Its dinner time!!

Dinner 2

Yey this dinner was super fun too. Supposed to eat at Marrybrown(sp?) but went to pizza hut in the end.

I took the emo corner at the edge which wasnt very emo since its closest to the fence of pizza hut which outside it is every other person but yea i dont care its at the edge of a super long table made by combining many. Beside me was my bro opposite me was Jolene beside Jolene was Joeyong.

So ya thats when we talked and coz they were calling my bro lao da already mah so they started to rank everyone else so Justin was lao er Jolene was lao san then they tried to figure out who was older, Joeyong or me and then they asked me my bdae so i was like 'May 21' then they were going all omigosh and all so yups ^^. Thats when we found out the tong nian tong yue tong ri thing.

So got alot more stuff dunno how to explain bits and pieces here and there super funny and more drama and stuff. Got one super funny the last part we all cannot drink the coke le then were passing it around without others noticing. Jeremy was trying to make sure Joeyong drank hers then when Jeremy went to the toilet Joeyong poured her entire cup into Jeremy's.

Later he came back he was like staring at Joeyong then the four of us were pretty much going 'eh its you never drink lor'. Damn funny when he came back Joeyong pretended to drink finish the last of hers and was panting xD.

Justin as usual spoiler so he told Jeremy what happened but then we were like 'wah lao ok la we tell you all the truth. It was Justin.

SUPER FUNNY LA!! Yea so blah blah blah its quite obvious by the end it was Joeyong but neverthess it was pretty epic.

Night 2 (a.k.a movie marathon 2)

Things happen cant rmb then it was night and we were camping over at their room again wheee. Haha supposed to play cards again but all super sian of cards then we started to watch HELLBOY!!

Haha there were lots of funny comments in the movie and stuff.

'The fishy guy like more powerful then the hellboy leh. I think without him they cannot do anything one lor.'

'So they should call the movie Gillboy?'

Yea and all the other stuff. So ya its quite a cool movie which one thing it talks about is that no matter what you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. And thats a truth that applies to many things in life. Hellboy was destined to be the destruction of mankind. The bringer of the apocalypse. But he chose not to bring destruction but instead bring salvation. Ok ok spoiler the end no more.

Haha the ninja zombie dude is so cool.

And the 'for every one that dies, two more are spawned' concept for that funny looking monster is cool too.

Yea and inbetween i was kachiaoing ppl with my card cannon. Basically you do a vertical ribbon spread that all the cards are quite close together then holding the first card you flip it over with force. I dunno what part of physics that is i figured it out myself but the chain flipping of the cards is forceful and powerful and you launch almost the entire deck of card flying at the other person.

So after hellboy we watched this next movie about this airplane thing. Cant rmb what it was called. Flight depature?

Yea it was an okish movie la. Nothing much to comment on it.

So by the time it all ended it was close to 2am so we went back to sleep lor. I think the rest of them stayed up to quite late lol.

Oh and random. They kept replaying Kung Fu Hustle in English repeately. It sounds super funny. The english is totally out so yup.

Sectionn V: Day Four


Last day lol. So breakfast was pretty cool. No emo corner this time it was buffet breakfast. Watched too much kung fu hustle so i made the buddha palm thing in the show for my first dish. 5 sausages and one egg.

Yea then we were doing the pass thing around thing again super funny dont want to waste buffet food we passed food all around.

Ok nothing much to elaborate

Bus Ride 2 + Go home

K so 4th day isnt as eventful and there isnt much to talk about. Poof we're on our way back to SG.

Bus ride nothing much also la almost watched finish monster house lol. Watch until near the last part then they dont let us watch -.-.

Yea then at S'pore customs they dont let me through. So bad. The machine automatic also got problem.

Blargh last day realli nothing much lol.

Section VI: End

So CONGRATS!! You have reached the end of the super huge long post. This End part has a special section cause you all must be thinking 'woah finally' so it deserves a special mention. I'm thinking that too lol. So yup yup. CONGRATS!! It started out intereting and ended boring i guess lol. Oh well.

Ciao!! ^^

P.S. I got some chain mail post thing on drafts completed le but lets leave this here for awhile first eh ^^.

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