600th post whoooo!!

Mmm i finally decided to put my link up in the personal message section on MSN lol. All along i didnt put it there coz i didnt want the 3.11 ppl coming and causing trouble and problems over here. Actually quite a few of them that i didnt tell know the existence of this place anyway but if i put it right there is like asking them to come and yea.

But you know. This year is coming to an end and next year is starting. And my class is gonna be the SAME class. So instead of them not liking me and me not liking them and so on and so forth endlessly, i decided, its not a very Christlike behavior is it? So heck. Its a new year. I got faults they got faults everyone has faults so why not try to make peace yea? ^^

I know many of them arent all that bad. Tendency to get insulting and all but i hey. Lets look at the plus side of things shall we? Each an every single one of them is unique and special in their own way too. Each of them have qualities that are to be admired as well.

So i hope that next year in 4.11 stephen will be a good year ahead. So hi if theres any 3.11 gng 4.11 ppl here looking at this, lets make next year a great year alright? ^^

Hey im dedicating my 600th post to this ok!!

Rock on!!


Anyway audi added new songs again while i was away wahhahaha. 3 JJ Lin songs and 2 By2 songs. There was already 1 By2 song originally in there. So i was listening to By2 songs and thought they are quite nice lol so i went to youtube to search ^^.

Haha this song is nice but its not in audi.

The more hip hop rap song. See i told you chinese songs are moving away from lovey dovey stuff ^^.

The first By2 song added to audi. Haha its a slow sweet song.

But srsly i was thinking about it and i have to say that they sing well, dance well and look good. But do we really want to enter the entertainment industry at that age? Their 16 now. Thats one year older nia. Like Si Er said the other time (i cant rmb when lol but he said it), and i have to agree with it. The entertainment industry is a very dangerous place and if we choose to join it, we really have to watch outselves. If you watch some of the videos, you would realise that some involve By2 doing their 'sexy' dance and poses. I mean i dunno about you but would you want your close friends to be doing sexy dances and they get plastered all around the internet and the world at 16? Just go see youtube comments -.-.

Well thats just my opinion on the matter. Hey but you cant disagree that they're good ^^.


Anyway in my previous post i was supposed to post about movies i watched to and fro on the plane but ended up only posting those i watched on the way there lol so now lets comment on those i watched on the way back.

One the way back, 7 hours flight, my hand was almost always on the remote and i actually watched 6 movies, 1 show and played 1 game whooo. Haha i was like watching a few movies at the same time.

The movies i were watching:
Hellboy 2 (Chnl 1)
Wanted (Chnl 3)
Dark Knight (Chnl 5)
The Handsome Suit (Chnl 6)
Alvin And The Chipmunks (Chnl 8)
The House Bunny (Chnl 9)

And i was also watching the suite life of zack and cody as well as playing reversi ^^.

Hellboy 2 i was watching the start coz i missed it the other time. Dark Knight i was rewatching the cool parts. Wanted i watched the whole thing. The Handsome Suit i tuned to it whenever i felt like it lol. Alvin And The Chipmunks i watched the whole thing and House Bunny same as The Handsome Suit i flipped over to it whenever i felt like it.

Anyway I think the two movies i watched on the way to Japan were better than those i watched on the way back lol. Alvin And The Chipmunks is very o.o. The House Bunny i dunno why it is PG lol shld be NC16 (alot alot alot alot alot of sexual references). The Handsome Suit was just retarded haha but who cares. As for Wanted, I liked the plot but if you remeber my commentary on Shoot Em Up last time, Wanted is also pretty similar. Mindless violence, blood and gore and completely unnessary sexual related stuff that in no way contribute to the rest of the show. I mean srsly. 5 seconds of seeing Angelina Jolie get up naked from a pool of water does not in any way contribute to the plot. Neither does seeing the main character's girlfriend cheat on him with his best friend. Twice. For 10 seconds each. Quite dumb lol. I understand the violence was pretty much the entire plot so it had to be there but no not the other one. Oh and you hear the F word like every 10 seconds too. Sometimes they can say it 5 times in one sentence. Imba. And also completely not needed. I was searching for the movie rating just now and it says it rated 'R' but maybe thats the American one or something coz my bro watched it in the cinemas when it came out lol. Shld be NC16 i think coz Shoot Em Up was alot more graphic and stuff and it was M18 so yea. Just to reinforce this point again, i really think that Wanted has a good plot. Nice twists and stuff not like Shoot Em Up which was rubbish. Just that it has alot of unnessasary things but then i think even if u remove all of it its still NC16 at least due to violence so yea o.o.

Ok thats the end of the post. Whoohoo tonight got barbecue at the Hees' house.

P.S. I think i shld start uploading pictures in my posts. They make posts look more interesting. Even if they arent related to the post or are random. Yups ^^.


Yey my fav vector pic xD.