Oh my

Lets all SCREAM!!

Its 2009 in 3 DAYS!! :O

To be honest when i think 'sch reopen' or '2009', it still feels far off. But you see, a few things remind me on how close it is. Usually before Christmas im already like 'omigosh its gonna be next year soon' but this year prolly coz of Hokkaido i lag. So now still abit funny lol.

Anyway at the end of Sunday Service, pastor said 'see you next year!!' Thats 1.

Then wif the Hees yesterday more reminders. Thats 2.

Then TODAY, at np training.

'There will be training this Friday.'

First thing that came to my mind was not 'What? Training on first day of sch?' No. Instead it was 'What? Sch reopens this Friday?'

Yea so now part of me feels that 2009 is a long way off (it just feels that way even though its not) and part of me knows that its 3 days away.

Oh well. Haha. Im so gonna enter 2009 still feeling 2008ish. The term sec 4 just feels weird coz i still feel so sec 3ish!! I find it weird to refer to my peers as sec 4 and my juniors as sec 3 lols.

Anyway on next year's NP, its gonna be very hiong and all now wif Lin in charge lol. Feels somewhat scary somewhat exciting but yea we'll get used to it.

And oh my. Never in my life have i even thought i might survive 5 HOURS OF DRILLS but I did yea!! Haha. NCO aura maybe.

And the Hees barbecue thing was fun ^^. Somehow some of my photos disapeared. Not just the gals in the pool one got a few others. I think i might accidentaly deleted them but i really have to recollection la goodness.

Ok im jumping around random topics.

Ok many short posts > long posts so lets end here =).

Oh one last thing. Anything need to email me, email me at powertwister93@yahoo.com.sg dont email to my msn one. I somehow cant receive some mails with that i couldnt receive from ben and lin so far. Though i dunno why jiayuin's one got through maybe coz its so darn cute xD. Other than that i realised i havnt receive any chain mails at all recently which is not usual so maybe something screwed up. I still receive alot of facebook though. Even when i dont use it -.-. Haha oh well.