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I know that definately there may be many people who feel strongly against what i said in the recent posts so i would like to clarify some things.

I hope that none of you make the wrong impression. Im not trying to say 'IM RIGHT SO YOU BETTER BELIEVE ME OR DIE WAHHAHAAHA'. That sounds maniacal i know.

I suppose at the end of the day indeed it is your own personal choice on what you want to believe in. No one can force you. Hey thats why God gave us free will right? ^^

Perhaps some of you have your own personal reasons why you simply just cannot accept God but i pray hard that perhaps one day you will see the light.

One thing's for sure. I know that Jesus lives. I know that he died for my sins. I know of his great power and majesty. And nothing will ever change that fact. So apologies even if this message pops up again and seems sickening, i will still do what i strongly believe in.

Peace =).