HAPPY 2009!!~

Oh my its only 11 at the lines are already jammed. I am continuosly pressing the retry button. Alot of times liao. Maybe i shld have sent at 10 lol. Jam times are getting earlier. SEND ALREADY RAWR!!

I hope i dont miss out anyone i got confused around the J's part then yea lol.

Lol countdown is being retarded now. Babarella from the noose, PCK and Broadway Beng. So retarded haha.

Haha i wasnt sure i wanted to send the smses at first but i decided i had smses to spare since i was away at Hokkaido lol.

So yey. I sent.

Oh and actually its not 2009 yet its still 11 haha. So one more, for the very special date 31st December.


That my cuz.

Hes 5. So why am i posting this lol haha.

Anyway went to sm's house today. Didnt want to go so early actually but my bro set alarm at 9 so i also woke up and then i went lor lol.

There was mahjong, tai ti and some stuff lol. Shant elaborate. Went to watch the movie bedtime stories too haha its was quite cool. Go watch it ^^. Though i think Bolt pwns it but yea rawr.

Bye!! ^^

P.S. Oh my its all sent out!!

P.P.S Nowadays lesser and lesser ppl watch countdown lol but this year is ok they spam the latest songs lol.

P.P.P.S Tay Ping Hui singing I'm Yours whooo!! (You know, the first song in how six songs collide)

P.P.P.P.S Omigosh chnl 8 one is nice too. Basically they're spamming all the hottest and nicest song of this year one chnl english one chnl chinese haha. I shall keep swicthing rawr. Chnl 8 singing shou chang now!!