The day we all hung out with many ppl

In a way, you can say that today i hung out with ACSians, 6jk05 ppl, and DI ppl.

Weiyang could say he was with ACSians, 6jk05 ppl (nice one!), DI ppl AND water polo ppl.

Bynes same as weiyang but swap water polo for BB.

Eugene was with his canoeists, then BB, then prolly classmates, then DI.

How awesome is that.

I think today is srsly quite funny although in a way its true that there are too many ppl but i think too many ppl can be handled just that we didnt handle it xD. Like 6jk05 chalet had more ppl but it was fine so yea. Its how u go about wif it i guess. And the fact that we had erm i dunno to consider it one room or 2 rooms lol. Places like WK's house would be better coz even though its smaller you get the room, the living room, and the entire place downstairs haha.

I think its quite random how we decided to call non 6jk05 ppl to come but hey Brandon really enjoyed himself ^^. I srsly think GL is damn pro in making ppl feel more at ease (oh no why am i reminded of no longer at ease).

Erm lets see i was first one there, quite funny, talking wif charles through the phone while staring at each other at the window lalala. Then ZC, then ahh forget it shant go thru one by one lol.

Left at 4.30 making me the first one to leave as well but Bynes and Weiyang were wif me lol. Took 157 to Boonlay MRT then walk to Youfu's house whooo!!

The amount of food was srsly IMBA. Cannot stand it haha.

And then Youfu had those gigantic TV screens that can be used as computer monitors as well. Imagine WK's TV but it as a monitor screen. Nice one! We used that to watched anime on youtube lol. Prince of tennis. I think it was quite nice haha everyone was like stuck on it. Well it beats whatever other impression i have on anime. Like i watch shuffle cant stand it watch some other stuff also cannot stand it but that one was ok. But i supposed its the same for things like normal dramas. I wont watch like those weird weird shows but i watch hotshot so yea. Haha.

Blockus wasnt wasted!! Haha we played blockus and BYNES LOST!! FINALLY!! Haha!! I won one round and Weejin won the other one.

Eugene was hogging the com srsly. Le Fa doesnt really 'hog' it but eugene does rawr.

And then there was some taopoking, some monkeying and some sorta poisonballing lol. Lots of crazy stuff happen as usual (we're kairos wadayaexpect) then finally left at about 10.20 lol. So yeaup here i am now. Blogging. Lol 6jk05 met up on last day of decemeber and last day of janurary. Maybe we'll meet on the last day of feb as well but i doubt i will be there lol.

Do work arrgghhhh!!

Ah well. Look forward to the next gathering which prolly wont be so soon haha ^^. Maybe i'll start hosting my house after my bro is gone for NS.

P.S. Another birthday pair!! That would be the 3rd birthday pair i know (including mine yey). 10th june not considered that one triple.