My Eclipse

Channel NewsAsia - Tuesday, January 27

SINGAPORE : It was the first solar eclipse of the year, and many said it was the clearest seen in 10 years.

More than 6,400 people were at the Singapore Science Centre’s Observatory Centre on Monday to watch the rare phenomenon unfold at about 4.30pm.

However, before the maximum eclipse could be seen, visibility started to dip at about 5.40pm.

Another group of Singaporeans was at the Al—Firdaus Mosque to witness the same natural phenomenon.

They also took part in activities which included calculating and predicting the next solar eclipse.

Experts said the next solar eclipse that can be seen in Singapore will likely be on July 22 this year.

However, it will be not be as vivid as the one on Monday, where observers could see the moon’s shadow covering almost 80 per cent of the sun’s surface. — CNA/ms


Damn so i missed it? Ah well.

And 'No Longer At Ease' is damn boring.