Positions fly around

Before getting to the main part of the post, 4 new songs in playlist yay!! No lyrics spam just lyric quotes =). But they arent like 'new' songs i just heard of. All 4 of them are songs i heard long ago but cannot find or forgot about it yea haha. First 2 are forgot last 2 are cannot find. And now they are all here!!

And all 4 songs i think are common songs. At least, all 4 have been played in chapel in acsi. Erm i think 3rd one has been. Yea lol.

God of Wonders
Alabaster Jar
Made To Worship
Hosanna (Paul Baloche)

God of wonders has always been awesome. Alabaster jar is SUPER NICE. Though one thing is they sing they same few lines for 5 minutes haha. Made to Worship is damn cool and Hosanna is AWESOME!!


God of wonders beyond our galaxy,
You are holy, holy.
The universe declares your majesty,
You are holy, holy.

Like you spilled your blood,
I spill my heart,
As an offering,
To my King
So here I am,
Take me,
As an offering,
Here i am,
Every heartbeat,
For your glory,
Take me.

For you and I were made to worship,
You and I were called to love.
You and I are forgiven and free.
Cause when you and I embrace surrender,
When you and I we choose to believe,
Then you and I will see,
Who we were meant to be.

And last one i quote i quote the entire song le so dunnid to quote xD.

Yup yups ^^.


Now for extreme hierachy arrangements.

I mean Lin said that there will be adjustments to the positions in NP but no one expected THIS.

2 ULs.

3 AULs.


And almost everyone changed posistion. Except those at the bottom anyway coz they slackers like Keane haha. And Ben whos still at the top.


And i recall in sec 2 saying something about SI David Sim haha. Kinda amusing actually.

Oh noes David now can scream at me. In which i shall pass the scream on to Joseph yey.

Ok shant talk too much about it.

o.o my main part of the post is shorter than my song part haha. Ah well.