Yet another short post

Haha i finally arranged the songs in the playlist nicely again. So the new songs are now also aranged by artist then title. And in case you dont know how to do that, just click on the '#' symbol at the playlist to arrange everything according to the numbers. Similary pressing 'title' will arrange the song titles alphabetically and pressing 'artist' will arrange the artists alphabetically.

I had to manually arange them coz some of the artist names and song titles are off lol. Anyway i grouped Hillsong, Hillsong United, Hillsong 2008 and United as the same group. If by looking at that you think Hillsong is crazy to have so many groups, wait till you see David Ong's playlist lol. Theres like Hillsong Australia, Hillsong London etc etc its quite funny theres an entire page of Hillsong artists. Ah well.

Mmm listening to Shout to the Lord now. Nice song ^^. Will prolly be adding about 2 more songs later today.