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My class has a whole bunch of facebook stalkers.

First a bunch of ppl stalked Keane's sis' friend coz Keane's sis is campus superstar and all so got mediacorp connections. Then David Ong's friend. Then Issac Koh's friend. Then another of Keane's sis' friend. What the heck. You should see that crowding around the comp like a bunch of dirty old pervs. Is there a way to lock some of my fren's pics and profiles away from others? I dont want my friends to become the next target. And the best part is they dont just find friends they find friend's friends. Abit the -.-.

And mousehunt addicts too. I dont see whats so fun about sounding the hunter's horn every 15 minutes.

Anyway the new timetable is super fail. Dunno how many teachers come in when it is not their lesson and how many teachers come in when it is their lesson. I think among those affected, only Suzanne Yeo got hold of the new timetable or something. A Math was the best. Last period today. Audrey Tay entered our class, told us some stuff, then left. Well some speculate that its coz she needs to go for tennis but if it is that she would have said it right? Ah well. And because last period was free period, the class went into the craziest state i have ever seen so far. Flying cards all around the place. Heck. Flying Echo magazine. And i keep getting hit when i just sit down and look at Teck Hong use facebook.

Oh. And in addition to timetable madness, Jarett Kan going for reservist next week. Wong Tze Yung needs to take over a year 6 class (year 6s are more important than year 4s rawr) coz a teacher quit so yar. Should i cheer or should i jeer. Meh.

Speaking of Jarett Kan, he is getting married on the 6th of june. All are NOT invited. But we're gonna turn up anyway right? xD. Attire is any football jersey except Man U. Liverpool preferred.


You know Charles, i have no idea, maybe its cause u just do it at the wrong place wrong time, or maybe its cause i seem to expect some more from you then others. Im trying to change my perspective to see it the other way. Try to see it from my perspective too. Ignoring all those stuff you protested against, the other stuffs that i mentioned like how ppl do it once but you do it three four times until its super annoying. Im just sick and tired of all the mockery in 4.11 and i dont hope to exit from 4.11 into another place lacking love and care. There is a reason why some people mean more to me then others. And theres a fine line between mockery and friendly spats. I have these spats with cw, wk, kirby heck my bro too all the time but we dont take offence. Maybe its the way you do it that makes it sound more like mockery than a spat. Hope you can see it.