What is your strongest emotion?
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It appears guilt is your strongest emotion. You seem to feel guilty

about everything you did whether it was intentional or not and you just can't shake

the feeling of feeling sorry for yourself or others

Lust/Attention Whore
What is your

strongest emotion?

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I like the fact that my greed, hate, anger part is down there with a completely EMPTY bar and i can understand why love, happiness, guilt, regret is up there though i wished guilt, regret wasnt so high rawr. What i dont understand is my jealousy point. Why is it tied with my love, happiness bar ar? I dun feel that so much... And the attention whore one i think i would score higher if the questions to score for that werent so retarded one lol. They're like wth? Ah well. One must not take quizzes too seriously.






Haha ok fine most ppl got above 30. Ok fine a number of ppl got above 35. Ok fine a bunch of ppl got full marks in other classes. Let me be happy will ya? xD

Haha anyway a math test today, final test whooo!! Haha i can do everything except the 7. So if everything works fine i'll get 45/50 ^^. Then again everything DOESNT turn out fine usually heh.

A Math got one question was hilarious. Cant rmb exactly but got one part it as like cos ecx so quite a number of ppl were like 'what the heck is c. e can be exponetial but what the heck is c'. Srsly you look at it for awhile. Then you realise something. cosec x. OMIGOSH la. Srsly, paper setting fail. The ecx can put spacing and itallic somemore sia.

Anyway afterwords Amadeus, Zhi En and I were screwing around with that thing and we wrote some super lame answer on the board. I feel so sad that the picture is not so clear!! It was funny ok. Especially the last part. That was pure genius xD.

In case you cant see the last part, the answer for the question is 'Error 2' ^^. Nice one!

And C math results also got back today. I got 33 due to lenient marking lol. Other tchrs mark will prolly get 25-30. Still, apparently thats quite high in 4.11 coz alot of ppl died for the test lol. Nevertheless we must compare with 4.10 not 4.11!! Rawr. Compare to 4.10 = die. Haha brandon's one was super funny. He got 22/50. Then he go to the teacher to get more marks. She gave him 2 more marks. Then he was like 'nooo i still fail.' Then she was like 'oh uh come we try to find one more' then she took some RANDOM QUESTION, put a +1 next to it and said 'Ok there you go.' Its like WTH la srsly. Super funny. Therefore, brandon passed xD.

And i was playing with an electic guitar for awhile today. I lousy in guitar so all i did was to play doe ray me on it. The entire song ok not bad sia. And the guitar is so cool its a one string nichrome swg 9.405 ohm/m. Not only that, its battery powered and comes with an amp. Wanna see it?

There you go.

Awesome right? xD. Eh srsly the thing plays a nice sound wheeee. Rawr.

Lalala. Pictures yey.

Mysterious elevator. What secrets does it hold?

Its like blocked off by plants, not moving, and it goes into the ceiling xD. Can be found at Lot 1.

Yesterday, it was rainnninngggg.

Haha that would be UWC. Cool right? ^^


And today must be rip stuff off ppl's blog day. Cause suddenly got so many interesting things on other ppl's blog!! So post all!!

Start off with Pearl's blog. I think its a very nice pic ^^.

Even on the darkest day, his light breaks through to show the way =).

Quote from Justin's blog.

'dy/dx changes its value like a girl changes clothes.' xD.

And two from GL's blog xD.

How to clear water from your ear (taken from wikihow):

1) Make sure that there is water in your ears. This can easily be checked by slightly tapping your temple with your wrist. You will feel very uneasy if water is stagnant in your ears.

I feel uneasy without tapping, so there is definitely water in my ear

2)Take a dropper and use it to put Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol(70%) in your clogged ear then in about 3 seconds turn your head the other way. (If you don't have a dropper skip this step).

WHAT THE HELL IS Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol??? The nearest I can think of is erm, beer. I think my dad has a few cans in the fridge. Shall I risk it?

3) Take a few more drops of water, in your hand or in a dropper.

I decides I can skip step 2.

4) Lie down/hold your head, with the affected ear on the top.


5) Drop a few drops of water into the affected ear.


6) You will feel the water getting into the ear drum. After a few seconds (3 to 4 seconds), turn around very fast, so that the affected ear now faces the ground. You should be able to feel the water coming out of the ears, and the ear should feel very warm.

Don't have the alcohol, so not warm, and don't feel anything happening.

7) If water is not fully removed, try the procedure again.

Damn I think it got worse.

8) If that doesn't work, stand on one foot, and tilt your head so the offending ear faces the ground.

9) Hop on one foot until the water comes out.

*hops for like 2 minutes* TIRED! But stil no effect.

10) You might also try using a hair dryer on the low setting. Use warm air.

*hairdryer blasts* Shit it is super hot my face is burning!

11) Try sleeping with the affected ear facing downwards. After a while gravity might push the water out.

I'll try this later.

12) You can also try jumping on your bed with the affected ear facing downwards, make sure that your whole body is completely sideways and you get high enough. This will force the water out of your ear.

This looks retarded *goes into room and try*. How to jump side ways? I sort of wriggled like a worm.

13) Place your finger in your ear and make a vacuum with your finger by pushing and pulling rapidly, in a moment the water should come out of your ear very quickly. This is usually an effective method, but if it fails, see the next step.

Slight improvement! But note the word SLIGHT!

14) Pretend you are gnawing on some food. Tilt your head to the side that doesn't have water in it and then sling your head as quickly as you can to the side that has water in it.

Cannot leh =(

15) Make a lot of water go in your ear. That will make your ear feel better and might get rid of the water with the force.

No thanks I don't want to worsen it.

16) If none of these techniques work, consult a doctor.


What to do now!


And the other one ^^.

Met aaron randomly in the afternoon, then bumped into KLL who was wearing a shirt, so I thought he was going to go dating. Then he dissapointed me when he said he meeting Charles Yong.

I really have nothing against gays, seriously. But I think if you want to date as gays you should do it properly. At least agree on meeting time.

Worse still Lock Leong is an unfaithful gay cos after meeting Charles he secretly told me that he meeting Mervyn for dinner. To be gay is abnormal enough, but to be a cheating gay! That forms a love triangle with all 3 parties included guys! Super imbah I dunno what to say. Lock Leong is pro.

Uh btw, in case you dunno, Lock Leong is not gay. (He too straight to be gay)

Its funny haha.

And since im at it, Leng's cat whooo!!!


Damn cute right!! Omigosh. Haha.

Thats it for today.