Couple of things

Well lets talk about today.

Started off the day with Cross Country carpark duty rawr. Ok work work work. End. Discuss megacamp, screw around, sleep. Cross Country isnt exactly my fav event if ur wondering the about the lack of elaboration. I kinda get bored. But i think CI Ryan talking about looking busy when ur not is interesting xD.

Walked to CW house from WCP. Going into CW's house was funny. There were like 10 ppl and we like walk in one by one so its quite funny. Like never ending stream of ppl entering the house. Changed and showered there, then walked to Clementi. Going down the stairs, Charles was like looking over the stairwell area of the 7th floor and theres a platform below on the 6th floor so he was like 'lol i feel like jumping down there'. Then Aik Leng went to look too, then he did it xD. Then charles did too then leng did again. Rawr. Of course that is nothing compared to Kirby at the overhead bridge.

Yea ate at sumo house. Chirasi!! And yay for Kirby letting me drink his udon soup lol.

Then Josh and Jon left. Then we went bowling!! And srsly, i had my most fail score ever.

Like even the first time i played i scored 31 la pls. 15 is like -.-. Srsly dunno what happen to me today. And brandon got 120 lol.

Yea then Kirby, Gid and Leng left so its down to the 6 of us!! Charles, Bynes, Brandon, WK, CW and me. Then as planned we popped over to kbox. Now to the people i asked, you know how i didnt believe 13 bucks for 5 hours right?

Look at the red highlighted part.

What a bunch of cheaters. Wk and CW didnt want to go coz it was so ex, plus the fact that everyone else was at Jon's bdae party the other day and they were singing there so all the excitement gone. So left 4 ppl abit the diao right. So in the end nvr go. Srsly im damn irritated that everytime i plan stuff, something happens and everything screw up. Like makes me dont feel like planning any stuff anymore waste time. But then when i dont plan, no one else does so wth. All slack just i plan then later ppl just say 'i dont want' and screw everything up. Damn irritating.

Yea then we decided to go WK's house. Went to see the new clementi area also its nice la but nothing much. Bought bubble tea then later they were playing with the pearls lol. Like you put the pearl there, then you squeeze the container then the pearl shoots up the straw and flies out. Mine didnt work coz i still had drink inside too bad.

Yea so at WK house usual stuff lol. NFS:MW, DOA4 and watching wk's raids lol. Not to mention playing with snowy!! Haha but something funny happened. While watching the others play DOA4, snowy came over and started to jump on me and stuff like that so i got off the sofa to play with him, then dunno why today he keep trying to dig under ppl's legs so he tried to dig up my right leg so i lifted it up to create a tunnel for him to pass, then instead of going over my left leg, he tried to dig my left leg up too. And my left foot was like hooked to my right foot. So when i lifted my left leg to let snowy thru as well...

'Snowy...oh crap cramp!! Crap!! Snowy stop tickling me i got cramp!! Shuddup you 2 (Brandon and charles) stop making me laugh. Cramp ow ow go away snowy. Shoo. Shoo.'

Yea but srsly it was funny lol.

Yea and all thats the fun part but unfortunately im gonna end this post on a not so good part.

Srsly Charles, can you stop like picking on me and stop pissing me off for your own fun and entertainment. I keep saying 'ok Charles is like that one dont mind him but when it happens AGAIN and AGAIN, what you want me to do. Its not funny ok srsly. Its just damn mean.

I mean when WK goes 'thats coz ur short', i dont take offence to it. But just look at it.

Someone: *zooms in on DOA female character's chest area. Laughs*
Me: Eh srsly la what the heck is wrong wif u two. (CW included. WK was Wowing or it would be you 3 probably.) I mean i dont care if you zoom in on a guy or something if you think its so funny but srsly...
Someone: Oh now i know. You like guys. Eew
Me: Wth.
Someone: Oh angry ar.

Or something like that. Cant rmb exactly. And i dont care if you say you didnt say line 1 or 2 or 3 in that situation whatever you said all of them before even if you werent the one saying it at that moment. I srsly cannot stand it the second part. You do some stupid thing, and then you throw it at me like its me whos the retard. And then there are other times.

Me: How did you do that.
Charles: Dont tell you.
Me: No seriously.
Charles: Your problem.
Me: Just tell me la.
Charles: Haha.
Me: Abit unfair right.
Charles: Life is unfair.

Charles: I dont care what you say.
Me: I didnt say it (insert name) said it.
Charles: Oh then ok.

And all that nonsense about how i button mash in DOA and that makes me not considered winning when i win yet you do some infinite combo that i dont know how to stop and you refuse to teach me how to counter it. Please. If i button mash and i win, it just means you suck horribly that you cant beat someone who doesnt know what hes doing. Stop finding excuses to make yourself look good and others look bad.

*Note there may be error in the paragraph below*

And when CW and me play, and i whack CW, i cheat coz i button mash. When CW whacks me, thats coz is suck. Well screw you. I dont intend to be some DOA mugger but give me the due respect. Come on theres one round where you prolly thought that CW's character was mine and mine was CW's then when i kicked 1/3 hp off CW, you would say 'nice one' and then later you realised it was the other way round then it becomes 'no CW you cant lose to HIM'.

Today's DOA games are just an example of what happens in all aspects of life. Whenever i do something good, im lucky/cheated. Whenever i do something bad, thats coz i suck. Im sick and tired of all that nonsense. Its like i dont get any damned respect. Like my questions dont have to be answered coz im not worthy enough to hear you speak. Go slap yourself.

Well if ur gonna tell me u didnt realise ur doing that, well im telling you now. But i think i told you many times b4. Look. When Kirby greets me with 'midget' or whatever nonsense, it usually ends there or if not it doesnt go too far. You refuse to change your stand and stick with it all the way. And the best part, you ONLY choose to piss me off. 'Coz its fun to piss you off'. Well i hope you realise that its fun only to you.

Bottom line: You arent funny. If you cant do the 'short guy' and things like that properly, dont. Otherwise i dont see how different you are from the likes of the others who look down on other people. And WK, CW and whoever else, you should stop laughing along. I give you the respect as a friend, i dont see why i should take all the shit, i dont see why i dont deserve some respect. And for goodness sake when i say 'eh guys srsly stop it its getting damn annoying', STOP IT. I especially hate it when it is followed up by a 'eh angry ar wah'. I feel like slapping the guy who says it sometimes but most of the time i dont coz i have RESPECT for others. I hope you can see it from my point of view instead of yours coz your words and actions do affect those around you.

P.S. Any idiot who tags in my cbox or msges me or anything the word REZPECT because of my above paragraph should go slap himself.