That was like my worst game ever. Ok maybe except the ones during the time i was super nooby at got like 0 - 22 or something but yea.


Srsly, even though i know pubs arent that good, its still a BIG difference when you get Beyond Godlike for pubs with AP with like rad, sat, phase, ac, bfury. Then you get completely owned and end the game with a peseverence and a boots of speed.

What. The. Heck. Just. Happened.

Early game:

Oh looks its de ren and his morphling. Mmm. Ok can AP lane control very good one.

killing spree...

omigosh i ended his spree!!

killing spree...

ahh forget it.

Kevin: *complains about mid lane and tiny*
Me: *thinks to self* o.o sf cannot control mid lane?

Tiny appears.

Boom boom wait what happened.

Respawing in 20 seconds.

5 mins later.

Boom boom whack.

Respawing in 20 seconds.

Ok screw that tiny.

*Runs around*

Undying pops out.

Tombstone!! Steal str!! Flesh golem!! Whack whack whack.

My my.

I am nevertheless proud of the fact that i am the team's highest level. Ok nvm thats lower than the other team's lowest level.

And the pub am was like 'yay this game is so easy' and he went bfly in 30 mins. Ah well.

The times i rather play pubs than IH.