You poke-em-on

Julian Brendan Dominic Tok Jun Feng

See i said i would do that. Ok fine Julian prolly doesnt even come here LOL.

But srsly its super cool haha. 3 Names, 1 surname, and then chinese name 2 parts. Win.

And one thing interesting is that i always knew Julian was also Brendan, but i didnt actually realise there was a Dominic in there as well until Fri lol. Oh well most of the time hes just Julian Tok. Come to think of it does that mean Vanessa Tok has 3 names as well? Lol random.

Fri was naptime. Duty was super super slack we stopped one motorcycle and let in four caterers. Lol they stop the ppl at front gate le dun even need us there one.

Prize presentation was a waste of time so i slept thru it skillfully. In a position in CPA2 that no one can see me ^^. Keane got caught putting his leg on the chair by Gavin Ang though. Rawr. No skill.

NPAP they didnt cut anyone out rawr. Supposed to be slicing us away but yea. Eh but srsly if i dont get into GOH i dont feel like going for NPAP le its just wasting time. Sit around do nothing, 'reserve' is a nice word for 'not doing anything' coz you have a reserve squad of 60 ppl and a contingent of 50 ppl with another 10 'backups'. So yea. Reserve = gg. I wont say im not confident of my rifle drills but the thing is that they are cutting by HALF. And that is like you accidently do something wrong you are GAWN.

So yar. Hope i get in. After NPAP went to eat at lot 1 as usual. Haha played the number game again and stuff, David, Issac and me didnt play coz we didnt want to drink the disgusting cocoction. Mark, Ben and Julian played. Ben lost twice and Julian lost once. Mark tried abit for fun later also even though he didnt lose lol.

Yup that was yesterday.

Today was imo a complete utter waste of my time.

Intermediate Rope Challenge also do before in sec 3 ATC. The flying fox and the jumping thingy were superfun but they last 30 seconds and you wait super long for it.

So all in all, i really really loved about one minute's worth of today's ATF. It was awesome. But 1 min? Yea.

In fact i think overall i had more fun on the bus trip there and back. Nothing to do with tai ti and bridge of course. The super lame jokes recounting does help pass time in boredom. Hence the post title =).

Reached school at 5. Played poker lol 8 players. Got one round damn epic funny. Keane and i forgot who were like fighting all the way to the end then Keane was like 'all in'. Then the other guy follow. Then reveal cards, the other guy had full house, Keane had ABSOUTELY NOTHING. Super funny. Keane was like throwing a whole line of swear words afterwards coz he had hoped so badly that the guy would fold lol.

Yeaup so thats what happened in the past 2 days. All NP stuff eh. Lol.


I try to help those who are down, i want to be there to pick them up, but they seem to have gone into a hole so far deep within themselves that i cant reach them anymore. Im so tired.