Christmas Truce

So i was working on my history project. Going to wikipedia, i searched the word 'truce'. So the wikipedia page on 'ceasefire' appeared. There in one of the examples was the World War I Christmas Truce. I sort of remembered that during a video showed in class this year but it was very brief so i clicked on the link to read more about it.

And i found a beautiful story of love, joy and peace in the midst of the horrors of war.

Anyone who studies history will know that World War I warfare was not exciting, not pleasent at all. Soliders stayed in trenches almost all the time. Days would go by without a single shot fired. Then an offensive will be mounted where people climb over trenches are charge at the opponent trenches, only to be completely wiped out by the enemy. Trench warfare meant that there was alot of defence capabilities, but very little attack power, therefore resulting in a stalemate on both sides.

On Christmas Day (in some areas Christmas Eve), troops from both sides rosed from their trenches and met each other to celebrate Christmas together. No shot was fired. The 'enemies', people who were firing at each other, killing each other just a couple of hours ago, started to rise from their trenches and make peace. They exchanged well-wishes, sang Christmas carols, heck, they even played football on the icy field.

I dont know about you but when i read about it its really a miracle. That these people would go against the orders of their superiors to put aside that one very special day, Christmas day, the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, to celebrate together and enjoy each other's company. Many of the people who were there commented about the special feel in the air, the wonder of it all.

Praise God.

Unfortunately of course, the war went on soon enough. But I believe that that incident is one incident that the people who went through it will never forget. Again, too bad it happened in 1914 they're all dead. Still, it is a wonderful legacy.

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P.S. On the other hand, my history project isnt such a beautiful story heh.