Ok ben. I dont see whats so uber uber uber epic about this post that i must be rushed so much to post it but yea lol. Srsly man. I post must keep msging me to post faster take your time relac la -.-.

Pika pika!!So yea. I dont suppose theres much to talk about Kimmunicators and Pikachus so yea. Pikachu? xD

Anyway, just a thought but i think i shld prolly be able to play drums o.o. As in coz i find that drums is quite similar in a sense to stuff like o2jam and djmax and since i appear to be uhm rather good at those and plus when i listen to some songs I feel that i can really play it out, yea. Not like guitar and keyboard where you air guitar or air keyboard (is there such a thing lol) sometimes but you know that you cant do it actually and its just fun and yea. But for drums i feel that i can actually really do it o.o. Dunno must try out someday.

That being said however, keyboard and guitar still interests me more. They're just harder apparently haha.

And my schedule for this week is quite dumb. Like wed NPAP, thurs oral + np meeting + SL, fri NPAP. Haha. Ah well.

Anyway, NPAP today lol. I srsly think that i could just go for 1/3 of the trainings and still own the parade -.-. Its like the sec 2s that need the training not us so we go there is just to like do the same rifle drills 1 million times and yea. Ah well. Cant pon trainings or else they dont let me wear my number 1 =D. Whoo its damn cool haha.

Anyway, today's training is like rain rain rain lol. So in the end supposed to go out there and practice the thing also dont hav just camp in drill shed and do the same 3 rifles drills over and over again. Well there are others sometimes but its mainly those 3 that they need for parade the most.

And srsly man, mark time for 2 mins without stopping is ugghhh. And its super annoying that we had NO water break at all. Rawr. My ulcer =(. Hope it recovers by tmr it was srsly a SUPER bad ulcer like about 3 days ago or so. Huge lump. Ah well.

And after NPAP was damn retarded lol. Waited like more than half an hour for the bus to come. We crossed the road when the first bus just left. Then the second one left without stopping coz its full. Then wait super super super long then still havnt come, David, Mark and Ben walked down the road to walk to lot 1 lol. I didnt want to be crazy so i didnt. After awhile more and more ppl walked off haha. Including FI kevin lol. OH and FI kevin saw the hwachong ppl jaywalking then he was shaking his head and commenting some stuff haha lol!!

Yea then 172 came, behind it 2 975s -.-. Fail. I took the first 975. Then just as a got on, havnt reach 2nd stop, Ben called me and asked me if im still waiting there. I told him i just got on the bus and hes like 'oh we're at lot 1 already want us to wait for you?' and im like thinking how the heck is that even possible. Bet hes screwing around wif me. But he sounds convincing lol just that my pratical mind tells me its kinda impossible to get to lot 1 that fast. But in the end i sorta told myself 'Ok i dont know CCK very well so maybe the bus just goes a big round and theres a shortcut to lot 1. If ben is screwing around with me, then he'll just pop into the bus suddenly anyway.'

And whatdayaknow. OF COURSE ben is screwing around with my head. 2 or 3 stops later the 3 of them boarded the bus with that cheeky smile. Ah well. Not that i wasnt prepared for that haha. I was lazy to get up from my seat so yea. Haha. But srsly damn screwed. Wait so long for bus. Then MRT also from CCK wait for train to jurong 8 mins. Jurong wait for train to Chinese Gardens (1 stop only la wahliew) must wait 6 mins. Dunno what happen to all the trains sia. In the end reached home at like 8 -.-. Irritating but yar heck la. Ah well.



The Awesome NPCC Guide To Rifle Drills (a.ka the ironies of npcc and rifles).

Rifles are very interesting thingos. In the police force, you rarely use rifles, but still, when it comes to NPCC rifle drills is a must. This is because you cant drill with revolvers. For example, throwing the rifle up may result in it landing on someone else's head.

So that being said, I will now, based on the teachings of my dearest cadet inspectors at home team academy, teach every single one of you my fellow friends on how to do rifle drills in NPCC. You do not need prior experience to take this crash course though it would be better if so.

Lesson 1:
"Treat the rifle as your wife!! Be gentle to your wife!!"
Yes. The rifle is to be treated as your wife. This is not just so in NPCC but also in NCC and in NS and whatever else. The reason why we have to treat the rifle as our wives is because we are to take care with it everywhere we go, eat with it, sleep with it, pee with it, whatever. No heck the rifle is more than a wife i dont think anyone pees with their wife right? Ok i shant ask.

Lesson 2:
Wait what? Whatever happened to 'be gentle to your wife'? Well honestly, i dont know!! Perhaps your beautiful wife needs to be taught a lesson sometimes. And in this case, this lesson is that of showing respect. Like how you slap your wife perhaps if she shows disrespect to you in olden days, so you will slap your rifle as part of respect. Slapping your wife in the presence of the guest of honour is saluting the guest of honour. This ancient tribal move is of vital importance to the success of every parade. So remember, slap your wife. And if you cant slap hard enough, practice slapping your wife more at home.

Lesson 3:
"I want all of you to hold one rifle in each hand."
Sometimes, one wife just isnt enough. One must have a little fling. Legal of course. And you dont have a choice you are forced to have that fling. Your two wives have obviously met. They stay cooped up in the same room with hundreds of fellow wives everyday until their husbands, which somehow changes everytime, draw them out from the room. Sometimes you wonder, is it you, or the wives who are two timing. Then you realise of course that you are the two timer while your wife is the gazillion timer. Ah well. That is how cruel fate can be to you sometimes. Oh does it matter. If you get bored of your wife at any point in time, you can always swap wives with your fellow men!! How cool is that.

Final and MOST IMPORTANT lesson:
LOLOLOLOLOL!!! LOL!!! LOLOLOL!!! Yes. Words of wisdom imparted from the dearest CIs. Remeber, your wife is also the CI's wife. So if you bang your wife (in whatever context you wish to think of it), the CIs will bang you (in whatever context you wish to think of it). Hey. The CIs mean what they say ok. So if you dont want to be banged by the CIs, dont bang your wives. So as one picks up the rifle, one must always be careful. Very careful. You dont know what wrath might be wrought upon you if you do something wrong. Proceed with caution.

"Barrrissssssss sedaaaaaaeeeiiiiii YEEARH!!!"
Your rifle is your wife. Be gentle with your rifle. Slap it. Keep changing rifles. Dont bang your rifle ever.

I hope this crash course on rifle drills have been useful to you. If you feel prepared to take up this challenge, feel free to sign up for NPCC at your nearest school. If you're too old, try going to the police force. If you're too young, play with your toy guns first. Join in either SYFOC or NPAP and i assure you great fun and enjoyment when it comes down to rifle drills. You have to be a gold unit to be in NPAP GOH but you just need skillz to be in SYFOC GOH. Enjoy and have fun, coz when you sign up for NPCC, which is probably at minimum next year, I wont be there anymore =D.