A new wallpaper that i just made. Its quite big haha. Sorry?

Im STILL lazy to do the blog thing. And the Hokkaido post for that matter heh.

Anyway, the most epic quote in a long long time.

From Zhang Si Er. For those who dont know, hes my late twenties church youth leader.


Omigosh it was seriously epic beyond epic. Weiyang and me laughed so hard for so long. Bynes was giving that diao face. Best one ever. EVER.

For the ppl who are wondering why we laughed like a couple of mad men, Si Er just did a 4.10 inside joke without even realising it. Coz ppl in 4.10 have a tendacy to randomly shout BYNESSSS for the fun of it. Just like how the go TIIINNGGG WEIIIII.

Haha i still laugh when i think of that scene with Si Er going 'BYNESSSS!!'

Sadly i forgot the context LOL of it already. I rmb he was giving an example of something but i laughed so hard at that moment i cant rmb anything else anymore.

But honestly, today's message really did make me think about stuff. And at the front, well, I'll just say its spot on. No comment.

Be strong and courageous

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still

Indeed Lord, break down these walls.