Whatever la. You see from your point of view i see from my point of view both also correct then settled coz i dont care anymore.

Nowadays, i dont have much faith in alot of things around me anymore. Well good for me the faith-faith is still going well but everything else? Not so much.

I never really believed that much in education all along. Like, for me its more of 'i study because if i dont study my parents will be damn sad and also society demands i study so i study, if not i cant do anything. Besides if im in a good sch means i have talent in studying so i might as well study and also if i want to do something that i am interested in next time i need to study now to get the qualifications'.

So personally for me, things like dy/dx, KPA, ying yong wen, qualitative analysis, for me their just stuff that im supposed to learn, supposed to know, but i dont really give a crap about them.

Well at least stuff like uhm some sciency stuff (static electricity!!) can be rather interesting at times.

But really, i srsly absoutely will NOT place studies in my life above other things. I mean, heck, i'll still do it duh I HAVE TO even if i dont want to, its my responsibility, but when it boils down to choosing between God, friends, homework, its in that order. Though i would balance it out (like i cant have DI 7 days a week or something right).

So perhaps, its damn obvious why i dont finish my homework. Because judging by my priorities, i dont have time for it during the holis.

Well im just going one big round. In short, im damn pissed at a certain teacher for being utterly completely unreasonable. Complete bullshit. Wei Min Li Zhi Qi Zhuang!! Basket la.

Thurs. Pfft.

I ACTUALLY wanted to do my work properly coz the big paper is coming and i hope to get all the practice i need. But since its due on Thurs. Dont ask why the entire class seems to be so in sync when it comes to answers.

And what really really really annoys me is not the 'why didnt you hand up ur homework' or the 'hand up by thurs' part but really it was the part about how we should have told him beforehand that FIVE was too much and blah blah blah and the other classes told him and he gave less (i bet its like half less so it becomes 4 1/2) and how its all our fault that we should have told him earlier and stuff.

Im getting really sick and tired of the 'your fault my fault' thing. I dont really care WHOSE fault as long as it MAKES SENSE.

So again my fault la. Classic. I know i have my wrong side but i REFUSE to take the ENTIRE blame (or in this case, the class takes the entire blame). Like my mom always says, it takes two hands to clap.

Im starting to notice alot alot alot of hypocritism. In myself too of course but basically im noticing alot of hypocritism nowadays. Probably cause i've learnt better to shut up and watch around me, listen to whats going on, and not take all things at face value. I think i used to think everyone are really nice people but they make mistakes sometimes, nowadays i notice more of human nature within everyone (again, myself included im not trying to be holier than thou).

Maybe its something worth thinking about.

Anyway lets talk about happier stuff.

After that i was like damn pissed with the teacher, then the lesson ended so i was 'ok lor whatever' so i took my jacket, pulled it over my head and zipped it above. Like so im below this 'cloak' or something where i can sort out my thoughts, calm myself and try to see the good side of stuff. So while mulling over the stuff, i can hear a commotion around, and i know some of the peeps were talking about me and my 'cloak' stance or something but i ignore la. Can hear some noises and i know they were doing something while i cant see but dont care la.

After awhile, while still a lil grumpy (hey at least im learning how to contain it until im more ok than taking it out on others lor), i heard something (i forgot what heh) that made me turn to the right and lift my cloak and see whats going on. Haha i recall everyone was like *silence, the guy is awakening* or something and then i look, eh like nothing leh, then i turn back to the front and put my cloak back down.

Almost immediately, i pulled my cloak up again caught a glimpse of something, or rather the lack of it, when i was retuning to my posture. Oh wow. My entire table and bag and stuffs are missing. 4.11 is being lame and retarded again. Haha i can hear Calvin behind me saying 'guys thats so mean' lol then i was just thinking 'lol ok, they took my table, whatever'. Like i dont get pissed at this kind of stuff haha just when they refuse to return me or refuse to tell me where they put then i get pissed but yar make my table disappear i just ignore. Back to cloak form.

After awhile there was laughter and Calvin was like 'oh my goodness now THAT is mean'. Someone said 'Eh heres your table back'. So i lifted my cloak and guess what? Its the dustbin in front of me!! Luckily i actually have a sense of humour so i was amused by that. I think that got me out of the pissing mood and actually went to take my table back lol. Well i wouldnt say that is the kind of thing you should do to someone normally, but if you think that guy has a sense of humour and he needs cheering up, these stuff are actually quite funny if you look at it that way haha. Well except that they ought to properly return the stuff too i had to hunt for my chinese stack of test papers rawr.

So uhm what else happened today? Oh yea.

What happens when gold is exposed to air?

It gets stolen =D.


Haizz. Ah well. Lets talk about yesterday.

Went to kbox lol!! KAAAYYYYYBOX. Had my first ever proper conversation with Je Sern. It was a 1 min phone call which he didnt say MWWMSOAWFK or used his weird kiddy tone. Ah well. Kbox was rather interesting haha. After kbox had dinner at Kobayashi (real men dont eat). Then took MRT home.

I think its kinda weird how i miss yesterday already. Like its only been less than a day (that so did not make sense). Like i started missing yesterday, yesterday night. I sorta regret not taking photos, they would have made good memories. Well sure I have 2 videos, but videos arent the same as photos and besides videos are low quality rawr.

I know i watch the old June 8th happy birthday video and i still laugh watching it. Haha all the hands sticking out to stop the candles from being blown out by the wind.

Which reminds me, my 'memories' video is still at a very fail stage.

Thinking of alot of stuff, but finding no answers. Maybe thats the point ^^.

Ahh. Reflective mood, but dunno what to say LOL.

I think this post has been a very random spammage of thoughts.

P.S. I think the bringing back of the old blog is like hokkaido post, im just too damn lazy to do it xD. Alright i'll prolly do it sometime soon, spam my cbox to remind me if i dont haha. Bring back the old posts, and make a super super super super super short summarised Hokkaido post.