Well here comes another long post. Ok i'll summarise the stuff. Coz i havnt been using the comp since wed so well yea. Haha. But be happy coz long posts means i havnt been home means i have been busy means i have pictures!!



Frantically 'acquiring' chinese homework answers together with more than half the 4.11 normal chinese peeps.
Chinese oral which everyone thinks they failed. Youth Olympics. Rawr.
NP meeting which we arent supposed to blog about :O
And then SL!!

Omigosh Thurs was super busy day. I mean lets face it. Sch itself was quite hectic. Then after sch straightaway need to go for oral. Then the teacher dont let me go first even though i told him got meeting. Then later finally im the 2nd last guy to do oral coz Zach and Cal were allowed to go first -.-. So the last guy was the only guy from 4.14.

Everyone thinks they failed chinese oral lol. Its super hard la wahliew. And uhm i dunno alot of words for the passage. Its a bad thing if the teacher stops you less than 1/3 of your way through the passage right? Damn. Conversation is uhm dunno how to say one. Then when you think you know what to say you dont know how to say in chinese. Heh.

Immediately after that had to rush for np meeting coz well im super late. Then meeting wei ren and zhi en were calling me to rush me to go for SL at NHPS until it was so darn annoying. Then finally meeting finish ran off to find wei ren in the space frame. Took 963 from back door and ended up at nh at 6+ with everyone annoying me further with all that 'why are you guys so late' thing and wei ren saying 'its all his fault' -.-.

SL the balloons were amusing lol. They pop if you drop them on the ground. They pop if you brush them slightly. Super fail balloons haha.

And at that point i still havnt had my lunch rawr.

Lunch/Dinner came at 9+ after we finished SL. Yea then after that went home. And I WAS QUITE SURE I SAW 99. So ran to the bus and borded it. Then sit on the bus then eh suddenly the bus turn direction. 99 doesnt go by that way. So i was like o.o. Then i called CW but his phone off so i called WR and apparently i dont know how but i boarded bus 52 instead -.-. So yar. Luckily it goes to siming/eugene's house =D. So i got off at that stop and took 333 home lol. Damn im still quite sure i saw 99 =(. Ah well my brain eye coordination is fail sometimes. Got home at uhm 10+. Sleep.



School was pretty normal, except war conference of course but that one has a special section =D. After school was NPAP and lol got one part the HO was telling me to do my arms down drill so i was like 'Me? What did i do." Lol. So i did it and he asked the kartick to do also so i was like 'chey he randomly ask one'. Haha for a moment i thought i kena.

Preview is next saturday so GAWN is The Showdown. But apparently neither can a whole bunch of ACSians make it for that either lol. So yea. Number one uniform next saturday!!

Haha NPAP the returning rilfes part. Super funny.

What do you think is the hottest number?

CI: I want all of you to do a roll call, and shout out your rifle number
Us: One!! Two!! Three!! ... Fifty four!! Fifty five!! Fifty six!! Fifty seven!! Fifty eight!! Fifty nine!! SEXTY!! *everyone breaks into laughter*

Omigosh. That guy couldnt even say sixty properly. It sounded more like sexy then sixty lol. Haha people were laughing at what he said afterwards.

And then there was the classic left RIGHT left RIGHT thing of course.

Later as usual Issac take forever to change coz he must style his hair and stuff la. So we went to buy drinks from the vending machine while waiting. Then Issac came out and didnt see us so he walked the other way out to go out of HTA. Then there was a bunch of NY np girls in front of him so we were like standing there watching him walk away and laughing then Ben went over and shouted 'OI ISSAC STOP FOLLOWING THE GIRLS LA'. Super retarded. Haha we were poking fun at Issac at the bus stop as well. Its just funny, especially since its SIR ISSAC right? Whooo. Who would think that being called sir can get so annoying.

Dinner at lot 1 afterwards. The chicken ramen waste my money rawr. And lets leave the 'curry' thing to later =D.

Haha taking MRT back as usual there was a whole bunch of lameness. Am i touching you? Lol.

And from Mark.

What mouse stands on two legs?




Mickey mouse!!

What duck stands on two legs?




If you said Donald duck, wrongo ALL ducks stand on two legs!!


Then went home, BAM sleep.


War Conference:

Haha all the ACS year 4 ip history students will know this. The other history peeps may know this. The War Conference is basically a fictional conference in janurary 1944. Each person will play the part of one character during World War II and we must present our solution to end the war and bring peace. And the man himself here is Gandhi. Though i havnt presented heh.

So i wont explain the entire thing of what happened in World War II over here, but if you study it, you should understand why our conference is super funny.

1) Russia and Germany have signed a pact to ally with one another. Note this is JANURARY1944. Germany has ALREADY made one pact, broke it and attacked Russia.

2) With Germany and Russia together, they control the entire Europe except for Britan. The British Prime Minister is considering surrender.

3) America is STILL missing in action. In other words, there is NO FORCE strong enough to stop the combined powers. Germany and Russia together CAN monopolise the entire world.

4) Alot of ppl want to join Germany and Russia alliance. Including Malaysia.

5) Japan and chinese are trying to get peace.

And a whole lot of other nonsense that i cant explain here. But srsly its damn funny you have to be there to see it. Especially when Stalin and Hilter speaks. And they are like so united its freaking funny. Kevin Tan and Keane Teo nice one! Gandhi supports your campagin!! Ok maybe not if i do later Titanjk minus my marks until empty lol.

Ah well. We should be allowed to video the entire conference to laught at it next time or rather 'learn from it' if you prefer it that way =D.



I've beeen adopting a 'does it matter' attitude recently it seems. After the many disappointments and stuff. So only what truely does matter is important. The rest of it, ah well, does it matter? I believe ive been saying quite abit on it recently, whether its np or homework or teachers or whatever.

Maybe this lil poem here will help everyone to better understand.

One hundred years from now, it won't matter how you did on a test Or how popular you were. No one will care about how many hits you got in a baseball game. It won't matter if you miss a day of your school Or what you got for your eleventh birthday. Your highest score on a computer game won't be remembered Or if your family had a swimming pool. No one will care who came in first in that one race. It won't matter if your handwriting was messy Or if all your artwork wasn't the best. But, if you made life a better for just one other person That's what will be remembered. That's what will matter. - What Matters by Sydney Miller

And on a seperate note, i state my case that i cant analyze poems for nuts. These are the kind of poems that i understand fully and i like =D.


Rant on Channel 8 dramas:

Does anyone else other than me realise that channel 8 dramas are super super super cliche? Haha referring to the average dramas by the way dont quote me exceptional cases.

Classic. There will be the mother in law who is always quarreling with the daughter in law. This causes alot of friction within the family. The husband trapped in the middle is usually the good husband fillial son and his character will struggle to ensure peace in the family while making ends meet. Oh not to forget their teenage child is always a trouble but he/she will come to his/her senses later.

Then theres the father with the chronic illness. He will have stroke/high blood pressure/cancer or whatever nonsense you can think off. He gets very angry and will be hospitalised at some point. Then later he will die, usually near the end. And with his death, there is peace in the family as the reunite as one.

Who can forget the slutty woman and the cheating husband? The woman either is trying to cheat the guy's money or she really really 'loves' the guy and wants to be with him. The cheating husband will get away a few times, usually close shaves, then finally oh my goodness. The cheating husband is discovered!! And shes discovered by the wife!! Not the father, the mother, the son, the daughter, the uncle, the auntie, the maid no its always the wife. Then the wife will say "WO YAO GEN NI LI HUN!!" Omigosh. And on the final episode, they will reunited and there is a happy ending while the slutty woman goes away.

Then there will always be the couple who havnt met. These are the youngsters that fall passionately into love later in the story. Sometimes, they will hate each other at the start because of some misunderstanding. These couples are usually related in more than one way. For example, they can be co-workers and then also friend's friend's friend!! Or it could be childhood friends that dont realise its each other. Oh or the families are friends!! These couple usually arent a couple until one day something happens and the gal becomes so, so sad. Then she starts crying and guess who comes to the rescue!! Guess who happens to be walking by!! And he comforts her and she cheers up and a romance begins.

Well then theres the bitchy wife and the henpecked husband. Usually, the henpecked husband is also the one who goes on to commit adultery later in the story when he gets so sick of his wife's irritatingness. The henpecked husband is to hand all his money to his wife to take care.

And who can forget the criminal antagonist!! Hes either a rapist, kidnapper, murderer or all of the above!! And usually, the criminal antagonist is a friend of the family!! It could be an old flame with lots of anger burning within him, it could be a wayward kid in the family, who knows!! The criminal antagonist's target, whether for rape or kidnap, is usually the female character whos in the 'perfect relationship' at the moment. But if its murder, it would be an unimportant character, or a character that himself has done many wrongs in his life to others, that no one really likes anyway.

See? Channel 8 shows are SO cliche. With this, i would thus like to suggest a better storyline.

Instead of the mother in law fighting with the daughter in law, i suggest we have the father in law fighting with the son in law!! And instead of using words, they should start fist fights!! That would be cool wouldnt it? And why cant a kid have a chronic illness? Say that primary 6 kid. Such a tradegy isnt it? But its alright the kid wont die!! He will be saved, and not because of a miracle but because the doctors are good. Whoo. And there will be a married slutty woman in the show who seduces other men. And the story shall focus on how she goes 'And I know that he knows I'm unfaithful, And it kills him inside... I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna be the reason why...'. Then the perfect youngster couple should be 12 years old!! And turns out omigosh the female one is a secret serial killer, the criminal...uhm...protagonist. And the guy is the smartest detective in the world (yes hes 12) and hes trying to solve the crime while all this time... omigosh... and then theres will be a tragic moment when he solves the crime but he doesnt shoot her!! Or himself!! But they laugh about it and have a glass of strawberry and pretend nothing happened as they go on to their next play fantasy. And on the final episode, the henpecked wife will infiltrate into the US secret base and activate nuclear weapons to wipe out the entire family, including the bitchy husband... and wake up from a dream!!

Now who wants to watch my show!! =D



And now picture and video spam time!!

Javier during Asher's birthday celebration!! Last saturday i think.

Morning scenary!! 3.2 megapixel cant capture these stuffs =(. Need a professional cam but im not that rich.

LOL!! Found at Nan Hua library during SL.

Anyone remembers this book? Haha omigosh siming drew that lol.

Haha SL group photo, with Ian showing off duh. Its dark coz well its 9 plus and there were no lights on. This is using flash. Good enough though it makes us look abit weird i guess haha.

And now for the epic Lot 1 videos!!

The very special 'Ben and Mark Curry'.

And this is SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER lame omigosh.


I spent more than an hour on this post haha. You guys should totally appreciate it la lol xD.

P.S. Joel Teo, you still owe me my pair of socks. Zhi En, bring that nh book on monday again i havnt taken pics lol ty.