Ok that was completely random.

Mm. Ok nothing much to say actually. And i would like to take this moment to say that even though i said in the post below that really studying is quite useless, i repeat, dont take that to say dont study. I mean ya lets face it we just need to ENDUREEE (=D).

I mean yea. We arent living in heaven. We arent in an utopian society. So lets rant once in a while but always always remember to rejoice in the finer things in our lives and not dwell and the horrible things.

I believe school is not useless because i made friendships that may last for life. Same goes for NP and many other stuff.

I want to stress the importance of living joyfully. Maybe thats why this blog exists for me. I can rant whatever i need to rant and forget about it so that it doesnt bother me in my daily life and I can share great moments so that they always remain in my memories.

Whether life rocks or life sucks, its all up in our minds. How we want to live our life, what it means to us.

I admit, the thought of sucidal people scare me. To a Christian, death isnt the end of everything. Life on earth is but a preparation for the next part. Which is going to be either your perfect society, or the other one.

I have alot of thoughts on this issue but I guess i ought to keep them to myself or i might offend other people.

So maybe i'll just hurry up and put up that Purpose Driven Life day 3 thing. Then maybe some form of my message will get across.


Akright lets not talk about sad things. Haha my bro came back from his 2 weeks at Tekong yesterday night. Baldy!! Jkjk.

And yesterday something interesting happened on my way home. I took the lift, then as the door was closing i leaned back and pressed my foot against the door. So the door started to slow then then i was like 'oh crap i didnt know the door is so easily affect by the force of my foot'. So i quickly put down my foot and the door closed normally. Then after the lift started going up againm i lazy so i pressed my foot against the door again. Then as it was reaching the 5th floor it slowed down and there were noises so i was like 'oh crap ok ok dont put your foot there'. So i put my foot down and the lift started to pick up speed and go up again. So I was thinking 'ok heng'. Then the lift went past the 9th floor smoothly, then as it was reachign 12, it slowed down, stopped such that you could see 90% of the 12th floor, and the door refused to open -.-.


But i was actually somehow more amused at that point in time then scared of pissed. Dont ask me why i was amused lol. So i pressed door open. Nothing happened. I pressed door close. Nothing happened. I press first floor. Nothing happen. So i stood there for awhile, thinking. Then i vaguely remembered once Je Sern and i forgot who (was it charles?) tried to force open the door at his house the lift there. I wasnt thinking of prying open the doors and then getting out at that time. I just did it. For i dont know what reason. Because it just seemed like the correct thing to do at that point. Anyone understands that feeling? Lol. So i put my hands there, I pryed at the door, I started to nudge quite easily, then as i pulled like 2 3 cm of the door back, the lift shook, and it started to go down. And my instinct i also know that it was going back down to the first floor coz i pressed it just now. So i pressed 9 quickly and it stopped at the ninth floor and i got out.

It was quite an interesting experience for me. Like kinda weird how I just did stuff and it worked even though it doesnt make logical sense. I was surprisingly calm and when I pryed that door, I kinda figured it would work. And i knew that when i pryed that door, i wasnt gonna open a hole big enough to go thru. I just somehow expected that if i pryed the door abit, the lift would move and open the door properly. Weird isnt it? I wonder...

Anyway just 2 songs by Destiny Impact haha both in my playlist now. One by Andy and the other one lyrics by Si Er song by Andy. Ever faithful is already in the playlist did i intro the song already? Anyway i either forgot or dunno where to get the lyrics so not gonna come up here but you can listen in the playlist. Aiya my mind abit weird weird today lol. Love of the Savior was the theme song for Silent Angels weekend. So here we go ^^.

Love Of The Saviour [Live].mp3 -

It’s on the calendar
The number of years
Since my Saviour was born

It’s in the history books
The man they called Jesus
Walked the Earth

Majestic Ruler
Born in a stable
Helplessly crying in the night

The King of the heavens
Living as servant
Friends to the sinners
Light in the darkness

This is a story
For mankind
Written in history
For you and me

The love of the Saviour
Spelt in blood, spelt in blood

And the angels were silent
When God Himself
Laid on the Cross
For our sins

And the universe trembled
When she saw her Creator
Hung by nails
To a tree

Not a saint did He die for
But a wretch like me
His nail-scarred hands
Dripping with love

And the purpose for living
In His dying breath I hear
So soft and clear
I’ll live for my Saviour

Alright i gonna stop posting now coz my internet is abit cranky again. So byes ^^.