I dedicate this first part of this post to Wei Yang!!

Happy Birthday!!

I win because i got birthday cake and my words are big and red =D.

And happy birthday to mynameisgladys too except she doesnt come here so oh well. Lol.

Haha ok whatever. So lameeee.

But srsly i wouldnt have caught the birthdays. Facebook the birthday thing is like down there so i cant see it immediately anymore o.o.



Anyway a couple of stuff these 2 days.

Yesterday first. Haha chapel was freaking amusing. They had the video of the ULTIMATE inside joke they triggered.

Please la its a video of people snapping their fingers over and over again.

Omigosh. I was like trying to stifle my laughter and unable to and the people around me were like 'dude whats wrong with you'. I look behind and I can see Julian trying to stifle his laughter also xD.

Then people started to snap the same time as the celebrities on screen do it so it was rather amusing. Until they got the sound system up and it says 'every 3 seconds, a child dies of hunger. Snap. Theres one. Snap. Theres another.' Haha i forgot who said 'ok its not so funny anymore' when they said it lol.

Then to counter it, we had to fold hearts!! So its damn rubbish. The student counciller fold damn fast then everyone around me couldnt catch it. So we were like 'uhhhh ok nvm'. Then she redo again so we managed to fold horrible looking hearts from triangle shaped newspaper. Then damn funny after awhile we started cheating and we just folded the paper into half and tore out the shape of a heart xD. What winner skill.

Then later as we were leaving got alot of newspaper left behind so i was thinking 'dont waste' so i just took it. Then while walking out i discovered one of it was square rather than triangular. So i took that one and started to fold it into a boat. Then as I walked out of the audi holding it, got student counciller there.

"Please put all your hearts into this bag... wait thats not a..."

Its quite funny ok!! When she said the first part i was like 'uhhhh OK!' then i dumped the boat in and zao xD. Omigosh my stomach hurt after chapel coz of the funny stuff.

Oh then IHS debate. Super funny both teams completely unprepared. Then coz their team had better speakers they managed to crap better than us. So obviously Brenden Ma would have declared them winner. But he allowed the class to decided who should win.

And we won.

It was DAMN funny lor please. Haha Kenneth was like 'I think Gabriel's group should win coz... they're cool.' So Brenden Ma was prolly thinking 'ok thats not a very valid...'. Then Jaira and Nicholas very convincingly argued in FAVOUR of us, much better than Kenneth's point. So yea. 2v1. Haha you should have seen Nicholas accuse the other team. Quite funny.

Oh and epic. The debate was on Racial something (yes i forgot my own topic. Something about fairness and stuff la). Then at one point in time Reuben said "I was born racist". Then Brenden Ma replied "Then you will die racist".

EPIC YOU KNOW!! I think there arent many people who can whack ACSians like that. Like so far its only Jarett Kan and Brenden Ma. And they're both from AC also. Nice one!

Then, I was also debating on whether to go down to NUS which is like how close and the timing how nice lor. I kinda expected Bynes and Charles to be free and ready to go so i just went to sch and checked with them. Turns out they got LDP. And like what. Turns out EVERYONE is busy on monday. Bynes Charles Je Sern Eugene Lock GL ZC Chun Wee. And those are the NH ppl. ACSians Weiyang also busy, Brandon has *ahem* important stuff xD and WR cant be bothered heh.

Oh which reminds me something very very importnat. Of extreme importance.

In the words of Aik Leng.


Back to topic. Uhm yea. So personally going there by myself is abit the o.o. Especially if im like gonna go there, sit by myself, then later leave quietly lol. And it doesnt help by the way when i have a bunch of ppl telling me to go represent them lol. But yar. So i didnt go in the end. I uhm contributed moral support from afar =D. Haha ok whatever.

Yea and as for today, early in the morning before assembly you can see how weird our school is. From inside the class we suddenly started hearing screams. Some people opened the door to find out whats happening and turns out, it raining!! So the class started screaming and cheering as well, all because we didnt want to go for assembly for flag raising. Lol. Eh its funny.

And our class kena like four warnings/pep talk/scoldings today. Like. First period, instead of POD, Samuel Sim and William Lai came in to advise us to stop slacking around, to stop screwing around. Wasnt the pissed off kind of talk but the 'you better watch out or later you DIEEEE' thing lol. Yea then they left. Then after that 5 mins of POD. Then A Math, apparently a whole chunk of people didnt do their assignment 1. Which i did at medical screening while waiting =D. So she spent 40 minutes asking people what is their talent and their purpose in life and all that xD. Then PE nic changed his sit up from 56 to 58 (which is still the same actually but yea) then PE tchr found out so pms then scold us and started telling us about how if we do that in NS we'll get sent to army type of prison so lol. Then after that chem prac. After chem prac a math again then audreys scolded nic for the jacket thing and gave him a demerit eventually.

So yea. Its quite a o.o day. Good thing is im such a guaikia and i have nothing to do with all of the above =D. Or maybe im just tyco this time heh.

Hey but i think what Samuel Sim said at one point is quite true. Rules are meant to be more like guidelines. They can be stretched, but up to a certain limit, it will snap and it will have to be enforced.

Oh and its funny when he picks on Staff Sergeant Reuben Tan =D.

And i think the whole darn jacket thing is stupid. They should have dumped the disgusting jacket away on day 1 instead of trying to throw it at each other knowing how horrible it is and knowing that when they throw on others, they're asking to be thrown back.

(Jack jack jack jacket face jack jack jacket face nam nam nam naa)

Ah well.

Oh someone tell me the pros of spending 1 hr to get to a ben n jerry's outlet to queue up for half and hour to get ONE free ice cream cone on free cone day. Other than the free ice cream part. I think i'll rather go home and eat my magnolia ice cream.

Lalala. Ok its late i go sleep now. Gdnite.