Funny how I feel much more awake now thats its night -.-.

Anyway, I think our this batch of NP peeps are so random, our inside jokes so diverse, that i get amused by the most random things people say or i see because they are part of our inside jokes.

Like for example. Today a church. The speaker at one point in time was talking about technology and how everything is so instant.

"With the snap of a finger, everything happens".

Now it would have been totally inappropriate to laugh at that moment considering that im the only one whos gonna find it funny heh.

And Jiayuin's blog.


So yea. How the heck did we come up with so many lame stuffs over these years. I mean come on. They concern fruits, stickers, chops, 24% and what else. How much more random can we get lol. I think ppl like david arent so lame at first one then we all kena virus from mark, ben, keane and me xD. See cbox. XIA MIAN!!

And heres a video that david put the link up to the other day on facebook ^^. Haha its funny but i nvr put it up here so yea now im doing that.

Haha. So yarh. Nothing else much to say. Byes ^^.

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