Im kinda lazy to go thru the events that happened the past few days so i'll skim thru that and just comment on some stuff before i launch into some stuff that I thoughts about.

So yea. Rugby B Div got silver, NYCD got GwH, War Conference ended, had SL today, and Amadeus was knocked out, kidnapped to JB where he escaped but was detained as a illegial immigrant coz he didnt have his passport and they refuse to let him back into Singapore.

Best summary ever.


Two main catergories of stuff i have to talk about. Lets touch upon the first one.

I think, that sometimes our teachers really need to listen to our opinions more.

I mean yea sure our class is abit crazy and we do stupid things in the name of fun sometimes but we also have reasonable, sane things to say. So i think its quite unfair to us that when we actually try to say something important we still get ignored. Maybe some people will say its like the story of the boy who cried wolf where now that we actually have something to say, we get ignored, but really, i think its quite obvious when there is a huge problem which we need to fix as compared to us fooling around.

Lets face it. I dont pretend to understand why the teachers love the 1 by 1 class seating arrangement. They complain about the mess in our class, but our class is messier now. They complain about our noise level, but now you cant even tell where the noise comes from. And more.

Like yea i understand if the U shaped formation isnt accepted coz i admit it is a lil weird, but what about the one thing morning? It was pretty alright, some tweaks here and there would do the job. But nooo. Teachers come in and order us to switch to our 1 by 1 positions with immediate effect, no room for discussion.

And the biggest biggest irony is that apparently now "we all agreed to it".

Im sure we all love our sitting arrangement, especially when the poor guys on the front right CANT SEE ANYTHING.

I know. I was somewhere there last year and everything the teachers use the comp, I sat on the floor or took an empty seat for a better view. You cant see the screen at all from the right.

I really think its unfair for those guys. Srsly.

Well I told Beck to come up with a new arrangement and we petition for it but he says hes gonna do it after exam. I told Kenneth and he cant be bothered.

Speaking of which, the class comm too. I STILL dont understand why David Ong got the boot from chairman. He does a great job imo. In what way has David failed as the chairman?

And if its because he has "too much commitments to other activities", Peter Wong is currently MIA because he has commitments as the captain of the school sailing team. So why is he in then? I mean yea i think Peter Wong is great too but what i dont get is the reasoning behind the switch?

And really, I think the class can observe that some teachers just dont like certain students. And these students can be the guaikias -.-. Please. Brandon and David are like the ones who actually listen in class, actually show respect to the teachers, actually do their work, actually dont disrupt the class. I just dont understand if a teacher wants to bias against certain students, how in the world do they get biased against the good students?

I dont know la. I want to petition srsly but it seems quite pointless. And getting the teachers to clarify and justify their decision is useless because they dont, even, answer, your, question. They can go one big round and end up with nothing. Or they ignore you.

Haizz. If this goes on, our class will rebel even more, dicipline will get more strict, class gets more pissed revolts, dicipline master comes in and punishes the whole class, class gets even more angry and starts a revolution and then we all die. Sheesh. Obviously some students are damn defiant to the teachers coz they dont believe the teachers deserve respect coz the teachers make bad decisions. Im quite sure if the teachers were more willing to listen to us, we would be more willing to listen to them as well.

Annoyance. I wont join the rebel groups or something but i'll just stone in class and fall asleep or do my own work. Nothing gets taught with all that chaos anyway.


As for this second one, its been influenced by alot of things thats been happening recently. Like 5 jian baos 2 weeks before exams, POD essays, 2 weeks before exams, the book i've been reading called The Purpose Driven Life and some other stuffs.

You know, our days can be quite slack before we near exam date. Then once exam date comes, all the teachers will suddenly decide to spam us with homework or revision as they call it. Like im sure we would have time to revise if we're doing all that work. Worse still when its work thats completely unrelated to the coming exams.

And you know, imo, i would really think that mugging my physics would produce far better results than doing all that work. And I know people who intend to do it, and I know I would do it except that im such a coward and I dont want to get scolded for undone homework (especially the 5 jian baos up there, you know when ZZH gets pissed its damn scary). But seriously. If this goes on, i'll fail my exams because i was doing my homework. See the irony guys?

And teachers really really think that our lives consists of going to school, go home, do their subject homework, sleep, wake up, go school etc. Like if you tell them you got CCA, they tell you do at night. You tell them you got other subject homework, they tell you one day got alot of hours. You tell them you got CCA AND alot of other subject homework, they tell you to dont waste ur time on the computer and get the work done. You tell them you need to revise they tell you you should have revised earlier.

Im quite sure, that even if i revise earlier, now that the dates are closer i dont need to revise again because im already pro. Im quite sure, that if I have a tiring CCA, once it reach home I will not fall asleep but stay up late to do my work. Im also quite sure, that my performance and quality of work will be excellent if i have to do work 5 hours straight without breaks. Im quite sure that I would have such a wonderful life doing work and more work 24/7 because im just a student and thats what im supposed to do.


The book The Purpose Driven Life is a really good book. Well yea i know it doesnt tell me to DONT DO YOUR WORK and stuff duh im supposed to do my work, but I was reading Day 3 (its a 40 day book, one chapter a day) and it asked me, what drives my life?

I might put my notes for day 3 up here sometime cause i think its really good even for non christians that particular chapter. It shows like the common stuff that drive the lives of people and why people tend to find life meaningless and unfruitful. Theres this one part which said 'if you want your life to have an impact, focus it!' I cant spend my time doing so many things. And really, things that are not important in life i dont even want to do them.

And by the way, school, homework and exams are not important in my defination.

You see, i think school up to maybe sec 1 or 2 is good. I think some of the things like physics may still be applicable and so they're good. But really, are we EVER going to use dy/dx, qualitative analysis, jian bao? Are we ever going to come across a situation in life where it makes a big difference if we know how to find how a length of one chord in the circle is the same as another?

I think school is good in terms of the people you meet there, but subjects? Some are applicable but i dare say 80% are completely useless in our lives.

The reason why i study is simple. Because my parents expect that of me, because my teachers expect that of me, because society expects that of me. Take away all that and I cry 'bullshit' and i drop out of school immediately and go do something more meaningful. Like sleeping.

Its stupid. How much useless knowledge you have determines how sucessful you will be in life. You know, if you're one of those people who want to be rich and famous, you realise that you're prolly never gonna use 80% of what you learnt right? But i bet that universit wont accept you for the only thing you're actually interested in learning, thats actually useful, so long as you dont seem to do well enough in your useless subjects. Like if you fail all your subjects, it means you're stupid, so you arent qualified to take a course in say being a doctor to save lifes.

I think, the world priorities are utterly completely screwed up.

Sadly, even though i say all these, I am still bound by the madness and have to follow the crowd. Coz if i decide that studies arent worth it right now, i would be pretty much regarded as nothing in the eyes of others. How then can I make an impact? If i tell my teachers that i dont want to do their homework cause i think its not important, they'll just treat it as a case of disrespect and apathy.

What drives my life? My life, is a purpose driven life, and a purpose driven life is one that i do not spend 99% of my life doing useless things that make no difference at all to the lives of others. A purpose driven life is a life that has significance. That will count for eternity. Theres no point having a master's degree in 500 subjects but know that even though im crowned the smartest man in the world, I have nothing. I am nothing more than someone in the guiness book of records. No eternal impact.

No. Im a Destiny Impactor. And so I will have a purpose driven life.

But as for now, im just a kid. Just an immature 16 year old kid. What do I know? So go with the flow, until the day I break free of this system.


I wanna see the broken hearts
Finding hope in God above
I wanna know I'm doing all I can
So with this life, with all I am
No matter what the cost may be
I pray to see your love become our cause

I won't stop believing
You alone are, You alone are God
In You there's freedom

Your love brings me to my knees again
We're gonna bring an anthem of love
We're gonna live for you now

This perfect love, I can't explain
This way of life that has no end
Your mercy satisfies, it's all I need
My purpose found in You alone
To love the lost and bring them home
We were made to glorify our king

I won't stop believing
You alone are, You alone are God
In You there's freedom

Your love brings me to my knees again
We're gonna bring an anthem of love
We're gonna live for you
May your love become my every thought
I wanna know the sound of your heart
I wanna live for you now