So apparently my blog post yesterday screwed up as well and the first half didnt go up. Lol. Ah well it was a rather nonsensical first half anyway but i edited the post to put it back up. It was in my 'other' blog but didnt appear here.

So anyway, POD essay time!! I know i usually sleep at 11 and its well 11 now. But ah well. I kinda fell asleep in the afternoon so i dont care. POD essay time!!

I might be able to crap something out rather fast but the 3 references thing is -.-. I mean ya. Once you choose 'Soul' as your final choice u can chiong le coz the book doesnt have 'Soul' counters =D. Maybe it does but yea they devoted entire sections to 'Mind' and 'Body' so lalalala. That reminded me of mind your body. Ok nvm.

Cant 16 year old peeps write intellegent philisophical essays by themselves instead of having to 'reference'?