This school holis started on a bad note.


I dont want to do anything but laze around 24/7. I dont want to start on my work yet (except digging which i'll prolly do on tues) and i dont have games to play dont WANT to have games to play coz i think we all shldnt be playing too much games. And theres chinese o lvls coming which facebook just told me im gonna get c5-c6. No one is at home everyone is at camps and stuff and theres no one to go out with, not that I actually have time to go out from the fri that just passed to this coming tues. I actually have stuff on these few days quite busy but its the times in between that im like stoning here thinking what to do to entertain myself -.-.

And suddenly i realise i rather be in school playing uno extreme =p.

Bahh. Well im going to DI real early today haha. TGIF will be fun. Im gonna fail at Dont Forget Your Lyrics coz i didnt rmb them in the first place. Dadadeedum. Long day at DI later yey. Then tmr its GDOP which my mom doesnt want me to go if its the night one and rathers i dont go if its the afternoon one. Rawr.

On the other hand it is quite a good start to the holidays dedicating my first weekend to God. But the times inbetween the activities are so T.T.

Its only 1130. I wished i overslept abit =(. And i think the worst thing is the WEATHER. Omigosh. Its an oven in the house. Im gonna bathe without electicity again later i dont care rawr.

Now to find something to entertain myself till 1.