Global Day Of Contemporary Christian Music

Whatever it may be, Im glad i went for this event. I guess it wasnt hard to make that decision. I could be at home trying to study for o lvls chinese but playing maple or i could join thousands of other Christian youth in this event ^^.

To be honest my opions on this event was mixed feelings. When i first when into the Singapore Expo Max Pavillion it was pretty awesome. And the seats were still quite empty so imagine them all filled up with other Christians passioned for God and there you have it, a winning fomula =D.

So after awhile the seats started to fill up and then it began. Kicked started with some video thingo and then abit of talking then Delirious?'s History Maker.

I'm gonna be a history maker in this land
I'm gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind
I'm gonna stand, I'm gonna run
Into your arms, into your arms again
Into your arms, into your arms again

And following that 5 more songs one after another. One of which i didnt take note of what it was but i know the other four. In no particular order.

From ashes to beauty.wma - The vine band

The spirit of the sovereign Lord
Is on me now
To love, to speak, to heal, to preach
The spirit of the sovereign Lord is on me now
Giving life

You turn ashes to beauty
Mourning to dancing
Anguish to songs of praise

Pour Your spirit over me
Let Your love rain down
Would You take these hands of mine and use me
Pour Your spirit over me
Let Your love rain down
Would You take these feet of mine and lead me

The spirit of the sovereign Lord is on me now
To go, to free, to give, to feed
The spirit of the sovereign Lord is on me now
Spreading love

You lead me to the poor
That’s where You are
You lead me to the weak
That’s where You are
You lead me to the lost
That’s where You are
Lord I want to be
Where You are

Imo, this is a beautiful song. In the ambiance of Singapore Expo together with ALOT of other people, its even better.

Spirit Touch Your Church - Bollinger, Kim

Lord, we need Your grace and mercy.
We need to pray like never before.
We need the power of Your Holy Spirit,
To open Heaven’s doors.

Spirit touch Your church.
Stir the hearts of men.
Revive us Lord,
With Your passion once again.
I want to care for others,
Like Jesus cares for me.
Let Your rain fall upon me.
Let Your rain fall upon me.

Lord we humbly come before You.
We don’t deserve of You what we ask,
But we yearn to see your glory.
Restore this dying land.

Another beautiful song. In this version it doesn't seem that special but trust me when it hits the chorus at the Expo you can feel it.
Spirit touch Your church. Stir the hearts of men. Wonderful.

Well those are the two songs that really made an impact on me during the course of the GDOP. Heres the other two songs.

Im Not Ashamed - Hillsong Music Australia

When You found me

My whole world changed
I’m redeemed by Your life
Let the earth sing
You are freedom
Turn my darkness to light

You welcome me in
With open arms
Into unending light

I’m not ashamed of the gospel Lord
Your power and Your love
You saved my soul
Now i’m alive in You
I live in the risen Son

Take It All [edited version] - Hillsong United

Searching the world
The lost will be found
In freedom we live
As one we cry out
You carried the cross
You died and rose again
My God
I'll only ever give my all

You sent Your Son
From heaven to earth
You delivered us all
It's eternally heard
I searched for truth
And all I found was You
My God
I'll only ever give my all

Jesus we're living for Your Name
We'll never be ashamed of You
Our praise and all we are today
Take take take it all
Take take take it all

You sent Your Son
From heaven to earth
You delivered us all
It's eternally heard
I searched for truth
And all I found was You
My God
I'll only ever give my all

Running to the One
Who heals the blind
Following the shining light
In Your hands
The power to save the world
My life

Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all.
Take, take, take it all.

Ok seriously imo these 2 songs are super nice songs. The music is nice and all. The lyrics are actually rather good as well. Both songs are declaration of our commitment to God. Honestly these 2 songs are songs i dont mind having inside my mp3 and doing what Gideon calls 'head bobbing' to. They're very lively and all, but however I do have one problem with these songs. They are SO LOUD, so CRAZY that honestly even when you see people jumping, cheering and clapping, some of us really felt that something was missing. In the enthusiasm of everyone, one question comes to mind.

Do we sing these songs to make US feel good, or is it to ascribe praise and glory to God? Because clearly by the end of the GDOP, ppl were still going 'Take take take it all, take take take it all' but DO WE MEAN IT? Are we just singing the song coz it sounds NICE rather than because we believe in it?

Unfortunately, that was the feel that we had when these songs were being sung and everyone was singing to it. This issue is the exact issue that is discussed in the 'Heart Of Worship' song. When we sang those songs, were the songs of our heart on par with the songs of our lips? Or were the songs of our lips too far ahead that our heart is still behind.

How many people were shouting 'TAKE TAKE TAKE IT ALL' but when they were doing that did not really fully comprehend its meaning, and are willing to do what the song says?

That was just to kick start the event. Afterwards there were other stuff, more songs, and of course intercession and all well it IS Global Day Of Prayer. Yet Le Fa made one interesting point at the end. Global Day Of Prayer, yet the time we spent in prayer was LESS than the time we spent singing. Hence the title of this post (coined by Eugene).

Like, halfway through the thing, we started to feel like we were more in a free rock concert than a prayer meeting.

And during the giving of money. They had a dance group, go up there and breakdance and beatbox. Well im perfectly fine with breakdancing for God since well its still dance and God sure isnt some old hag who only likes waltz or something. The issue is that it seemed perfectly UNRELATED to what was happening and it was more to ENTERTAIN US then to BRING PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD. Breakdance for God if you want, but it seemed to me like it was breakdancing for us. And of course alot of people were cheering and happy but well i dont know. It doesnt feel right. And please if you know me im not the 'conservetive christian who thinks we must stick to tradition all the time'. No. WAC is the HOTTEST and COOLEST church ok. But i mean sometimes you can really tell whats really going on.

Then there was more prayer, more songs and near the end they were just spam repeating the songs they sang at the start (TAKE TAKE TAKE IT ALL) to end the concert...I mean prayer meeting with a bang. But by then it felt MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE.

I know many people enjoyed their time there and i have nothing against these people. I enjoyed myself too. I am thankful for the peeps up there who were leading the prayer meeting. Thankful for all the effort put in, thankful for the very imba computer graphics and video up there i want leet skills like that thanks. Still, it doesnt change the fact that I do wonder when God looks down on the prayer meeting, what would he say?

Yue Seng aka mr hyper throughtout the whole thing screaming like a mad man also admitted at the end that it was very... self exalting but not very God exalting.

I guess this is just something to think about.

Still, GDOP was interesting and some parts really did touch me. So yups. Totally better than staying at home and studying for chinese o lvls. Which reminds me. Its almost midnight. I SHOULD BE SLEEPING AND GETTING READY FOR CHINESE O LEVELS TMR!!

Dum dee dum dee dum.

And that would be Pearl and Hong Xia after GDOP while waiting for bus xD.

Sheesh i have SL tmr. Whats gonna happen to Digging?