Ok lets do a narration on the events of today ^^.

Lets see. Reached DI at about 2. Before that was mapling and doing random stuffs as you can see from the post below ^^. Had the first chinese intensive lesson that i actually listened =p. Whoo 6/10 thats a pass. Im gonna pass my chinese o levels.

Then later Bynes, Weiyang and me went to clementi Cityvibe Mos Burger there to fetch Aik Leng as well as get lunch. Bynes the pai ka ran there faster than me and Weiyang -.-. Yea then Aik Leng was inside Mos Burger ordering takeaway so i had my first ever mos burger. Terikayi chicken =D. Then Yue Seng came back from fetching his friend from the bus interchange so we went back to DI with Bynes running ahead of all of us again.

Went back, quickly settled down, then started TGIF. Haha i think they kinda launched right straight into it without saying alot so it might have been a little disorientating. Had the 6 stations games. First one was like charades the passing the message through actions thing. Omigosh it was super funny. PREGNANT!? Haha watching Pearl's group was super funny. And our turn we kena chinese idiom which Eugene and Bynes the 2 higher chinese ppl convineintly didnt need us. And then by a powerful mysterious force of nature, we had 50 points!! Yey.

Then was the weird weird chi ko pa like game, then pictionary both of which nothing much to comment. Haha memory game. Kairos ACS vs Kairos Non ACS. Whooo we owned we sweeped both joker pairs scoring super high points while they swept like dunno how many sets. Youfu's memory is IMBA srsly. Dunno why his scripture memory and science not so good only lol xD.

Then Aik Leng has to leave which was really quite early but at least he came so thanks for coming hope you enjoyed yourself ^^. Haha Taboo was EPIC. The whole time was laughing like mad. Scarlet's group against ours. Screams and hilarity. Oh heres one epic one.


Haha then was the Uno stacko thing. Which i ended up making most of the moves coz the others were abit scared that their hands not steady then the thing drop and since i played it from young so i did most of the moves. Haha screwed them up quite abit with the super shaky structure thingo by having only one block on one layer and the one above it also one block only. In the end in collapsed on them and we won =D.


It was supposed to be me and Youfu at first. But then Youfu doesnt know ANY songs. So it became me and Bynes. Then later both of us didnt really think we could take Jonas Brothers or HSM which were rumoured to come out and since Yue Mun could, we had Yue Mun and Bynes =p.

High School Musical's Start Of Something New!!

Awww. Quite sad its like one word wrong only and its similar meaning lor. Haha Kairos walked home with absoutely nothing!!

Second team. Isaac and Yue Seng. They kena wu yue tian, chinese pop, disney cartoon and last one cant rmb i think its 90's or oldies. So since both of them were not versed in chinese songs, they had to go with disney cartoon. And they chose A Whole New World from Aladdin. It was only FOUR words to guess, but they were like quite screwed so lol in the end they used help and they had '___ sideways ___ under' which made them had the 'wtp' face. Haha so in the end they went with 'Above sideways and under' but the answer was 'Over sidesways and under' lol. So BAAAAM. Another $0.

Haha then the next 2 teams were matchstix teams and they both got $10 i think. Or was it $0 also. So by then ppl had the idea that the game was super hard and so were determined to have at least a team hit $50 dollars. The hinting and helping was more subtle *ahem* at first. Scarlet and Venus performing jin tian ni yao jia gei wo.

Which you realised a few rules were broken. Firstly, the audience went 'noooooooooo' when the wrong answer was given. Secondly, they used their call friend helpline to call someone who was not the original person they chose lol.

As a result, they made past that round. Second round. English pop. Jamelia Superstar.

Haha omigosh when i saw that i was pretty much going 'SEEEEDDDDDD AHHH'. Haha then when the song started everyone was in the mood.

Music: People always talk about
Everyone: Eh yo eh yo eh yo

Haha then chorus.

I don't know what it is
That makes me feel like this
I don't know who you are
But you must be some kind of superstar
Coz you got all eyes on you no matter where you are
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Haha when that happened Weiyang and me were already singing along before that so when the blanks came out we just looked at each other and whispered 'you just make me wanna play'. Before going 'SEDDDD AH' and hi fiving.

Haha Scarlet got 'You just make me wanna ___'. Couldnt decide the last word. She was thinking like 'groove' or stuff like that. So after a few minutes Weiyang and me started couging and going 'PSP', 'Playstation', 'Maplestory'. Haha Eugene caught on and started chanting 'Let me play your PSP, let me play your PSP'. Then Scarlet was like 'play? Uhhh doesnt seem right' LOL.

Yea finally locked the right answer in and 3rd round!! Which i cant rmb what the catergory was but they passed. Disney? Oldies? 90's? Dunno. Then 4th round was Mcfly. We were all like 'wth who is Mcfly' so we were expecting to get owned by that catergory.

Mcfly - Five colours in her hair.

I went 'Omigosh that song is by Mcfly? I nvr figured out who that song was by.' Haha it was one of my bro's mass dance songs that he was spamming about 2 years ago.

Everybody wants to know her name~
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___~

I tio owned la. I know the next few lines were 'eveyone asked me, who the hell is she, the weirdo with five colours in her hair' but i didnt know THAT one line. Evidently the other ppl didnt either so GAWNNNNN. Haha Scarlet and Venus walked off with $30.

Then came the most anticipated one. Elissa haha. Idea is that Elissa is well versed in HSM, Jonas Brothers, English pop, Chinese pop, Disney, Camp Rock and therefore will pwn the competition. Well pretty much we helped he quite abit too and passed the first 3 rounds. One of which was convineintly the easiest song in the competition Jason Mraz's Im Yours which was actually funny coz when the music stopped everyone just continued singing, even past the lines xD.

I reckon it's again my turn *blank comes in here, but everyone continues*
To win some or learn some
I wont hesitate no more no more it cannot wait im yours.

4th round was 90's song Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. Which i cant rmb where the blank was. I think it was the time pass by part. Eight words i think cant rmb heh. Then i think somewhere there was a mistake in one of the words or something then got wrong =(. Otherwise got chance to see $50.

So yups ^^. We didnt win anything for DFTL but turns out Kairos pwned games day again AS USUAL =D. Except that for once we didnt win first. We won second AND third =p. Which is still 50 bucks worth of vouchers, same as first prize. Haha we dont really care about that 4x5 popular voucher but that 10x3 mos burger voucher is welcome ^^.

Anyway, afterwards was dinner then took 99 home with Yue Mun talking about some interesting stuffs haha. And somehow the song Jamelia Superstar keeps getting stuck in my head now and for SOME REASON, the song I Believe by Tata Young is also stuck in my head even though it had in NO WAY appeared during this day. I dunno I guess its just one of those songs that when i think back to those songs i used to enjoy alot in the past like Superstar, this song was one of those right at the top so yeaup. I think it would be so cool to have that song in DFTL.

Cause underneath the moonlight
Everything is alright
(Were reaching our hands up in the air)

See that would have posed quite a challenge =p.

Or if you like it really easy,

When angels fall in love
Heaven knows, does it show, oh
If this love, will last for eternity
(Set me on fire)

Four words that everyone remembers about this song =p. Its like the sorta epic launch into chorus so yea. Maybe i'll do that if i ever organise such an activity ^^. Honestly DFTL is a DAMN GOOD group activity when you have like 50 ppl or so. Awesomeness.

Haha so that details this day. Rather tired now so goodnight ^^.


Congrats I had my fifth belated birthday wish this year. Yes my birthday was NINE days ago. Justin Ong, nice one.