I remember

I decided to go back and read all my posts last time.

Long time readers of this blog will know that there was a period of darkness, which started around December 2007, hit max around May 2008 and died down slowly afterward.

Well I was just reading April/May/June/July.

Such emo times.

I still remember how very real those 'steel walls' were.

Now, it seems like I couldnt care less if those walls come up again.

I still remember what each of the walls stand for. Even though it was never written down.

Glass walls, toughen up. Merges with brick walls.

Throned walls weakened.

Fire walls and ice walls no longer relevant.

The problems and issues of the past upon looking back seem so insignificant.

Today, I stand here, facing a new adversary. Its not a wall. A wall stands silent in your way.

Its a fleeting moving adversary who knows me better than I do myself.

And this battle I fight.

And this battle I know I will, eventually at least, overcome.

But for now, darkness falls all around.

The collapse all around me.

And life starts to get weary and draggy.

I stand.

No shadow will defeat me.

Though its hard.

And it hurts.

It may take some time.

Suffering may be long.

But there is hope in the future.

I stand.

I remember.