For those who dont know yet, my parents recently bought a power blender for me. This was inspired by how I usually mix stuff at home and the lack of a blender dramatically reduces what I can make. Like, the banana milkshake I make without a blender the taste isnt that even thoughout, like theres more banana at the bottom lol. Then coz we went Bali and we bought back alot of stuff (100% vanilla extract, cinnamon and stuff), my parents decided to buy me a blender and see what I can make with it =p.

The blender and my stuff that I can use to blend =D. Still have somemore not in the picture lol.

The milk, ice cream and cookies before blending.


And YAY!!

Haha the recipe was:

• 12 Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies
• 2 tbsp Chocolate syrup
• 2 Cups vanilla ice cream, softened
• 1-1/2 Cups milk

I didnt add the Chocolate syrup coz I dont fancy thick chocolate (I dont like dark chocolate). Its still rather thick for me but I like =). I wonder how thick it would have been if I added the syrup lol, but im sure many ppl would like it that way, its just my personal preference thats different haha.

Anyway im going to make again later!! This time with 6 normal oreo cookies and 6 chocolate ones and get a less thick one.

Meanwhile I get to enjoy my CHOCOLATE OREO MILKSHAKE!! =D